Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there

The First Thanksgiving
Time for us dogs to have our own party.

Time for us dogs to have our own party.

First and foremost, I want to thank those who give so much in order to ensure our safety, security, health, and freedoms. These men and woman willingly put their lives’ in harm’s way receiving little monitory compensation and often less respect or appreciation. They often are unable to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and for this we owe them an undying debt of gratitude

  • The American servicemen and woman willing to risk their lives to keep us free. For more than 240 years these brave men and woman have served the country well despite the treatment they have received at home.
  • Policemen and other law enforcement officers. Recently it seems that no one cares about these brave men and women they have become targets of cowardly men who hide their hate behind false claims often centered around make-believe racial injustices. Law enforcement officers leave home each day never knowing if they will live to see another day. They deserve our love, respect, and thanks.
  • Firemen they rush in where others rush out. It takes a special kind of courage to rush into a burning building to save others or prevent the destruction of property. We dogs are not cowards but you almost never see us rush into a burning building.
  • Paramedics and EMTs. Again these brave souls rush in putting their own lives’ at risk in order to provide lifesaving care to those in need.
  • Nurses they might not put their lives; at risk the way other do but while underpaid and overworked they provide needed care for those who are sick or injured.
  • The list goes on and on 9-1-1 workers, hospital staff, and many more.
The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving

395 years ago, the pilgrims arrived in the new world. After a long hard journey and lots of hard work they enjoyed a bountiful harvest. Thankful for all they had achieved and secure in the knowledge that had plenty for the upcoming winter they did what American’s have done ever since. They throw a party and invited the Native American’s which they mistakenly called Indians to join them.

This started a tradition of setting aside one day a year to give thanks for all that we have. If we take a few minutes and reflect back we can all find things to be grateful for family, friends, health, safety, our freedoms, etc. We all have a lot to be thankful for yet it seems those who have the most are the ones who are least grateful.

Thinks I am thankful for

  • My family especially my daddy
  • My home and having my own back yard to run, play, and take care of business
  • The treats Aunt Linda gives us
  • My daddy’s yummy cooking
  • That daddy hasn’t gotten sick again leaving me behind while he is in the hospital
  • That summer is over and it’s finally cooling down here in Las Vegas
  • The couches and bed that I get to sleep on
  • The road trips I get to take with my mommy and daddy
  • The invention of beef jerky
  • Naps with my daddy
  • Car rides
  • Walks
  • That I’m not a turkey
  • And so much more.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Drawing of a turkey

Drawing of a turkey

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Come on! Haven’t you heard let sleeping dogs lie.

Mommy has this nasty habit of getting up in the middle of the night and cleaning. Cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, bathing the carpets, things like that. It’s one of her idiosyncrasies that we just live with. I’ll normally just sleep through it all and pretend it didn’t happen the next day when I get up. However, with my nephews sleeping in the living room she is afraid of waking them up. The house has been safe.

This all backfired on me last night. Mommy woke up and unable to clean the house she set her eyes on the first thing she saw. Yes, you guessed it Mommy attacked me with scissors and a brush ripping my hair out by the roots. Ignoring my screams of pain, she kept going hour after hour until she had a bag full of hair. I bet if today hadn’t been Thanksgiving she would have given me a bath as well. The only think that saved me was the turkey which mommy left to bath in the bathtub overnight. She would have had to throw the poor thing out in order to give me a bath.

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Help, I need “two” somebodies, help but not just any somebodies Help me!

Autumn and my first two cousins

If you’ve read my last couple posts you know my sister Autumn gave birth to three cute little puppies. Now I am surrounded by cute and we know how cute trumps handsome. My mommy and daddy are going crazy over my three new nephews and I am just getting sick. It was bad enough when I just had a cute sister to deal with now I’ve got cute times four. Ask me, there is no place in this world for cute.

Here’s the deal I need a few brave people to come forward and free me from this gluttony of cute. They need to be special dog loving people who can convince my mommy they will give her disgustingly cute babies a good home.

Taurus at about two weeks

Taurus at about two weeks

Thankfully my Uncle Tom and Aunt Kris Have already taken the intuitive to open their home to Taurus the party animal. Taurus is mommy’s favorite she is happy he’s getting a home where she gets to see him from time to time.  Sorry Tyson but if I’ve got to be stuck with Autumn it’s only fair you get stuck with one of her cute babies at least you get the party beast hope you have fun.

That leaves just two overly cute puppies that must find homes before I go totally insane. Mommy says that the will be ready to rehome around the tenth week which is way too long for me but mommies rule the roost. However, in about two weeks a few brave souls are welcome to view these future tail and ear pulling pests and place a deposit down reserving the demon of their choice. My nephews were born on October tenth, according to daddy they should be ready for their new homes around December nineteenth, or just in time for Christmas. As far as I’m concerned they should be out of here already but I’ve got no say in things around here.

It takes a lot of work to make daddy take us for a walk. Autumn is warn out.

It takes a lot of work to make daddy take us for a walk. Autumn is worn out.

My sister Autumn is a Morkie a Maltase Yorkie mix is a golden brown perfectly matching the dried grass in the back yard. She’s a light weight at almost six pounds.



Tonka, their father is a full-blooded Miniature Schnauzer  He’s bulky but only weighs around 15 pounds.



Harley the biggest of the three he’s brown with his father’s markings.



Axel is the smallest and youngest. He’s mostly black with tan markings.

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Today was the day

Autumn and my first two cousins
Autumn and my first two cousins

Autumn and my first two cousins

Sometime during the early hours Autumn started acting funny. As the hours ticked away neither mommy or daddy were able to sleep well. Around 8:00 Mommy got up to take care of a nature call and asked daddy to make sure Autumn didn’t follow her. Daddy rolled over and after mommy had left the room noticed the first of my new nephews. As daddy looked close he discovered a second puppy. The first had the markings of a cow, white with big black splotches. The second dark brown with a little white on its chest just like it’s father, Tonka.

It wasn’t until around 1:00 that Autumn gave birth to her third and last puppy a little black boy with some of his father’s markings. The vet had promised me four new nephews/nieces. In the end I ended up with three new nephews once again proving how worthless vets are. He couldn’t even count to three without skipping a number. So much for his college education.

I am happy to report that so far the three little beasts are hardly able to move and their eyes are not yet open. Mommy swears that she plans to sell them in about twelve weeks. Please do me a favor and buy one or even all three before I am torn to threads. One Autumn is enough no doggy should be forced to deal with four of them that’s cruel and unusual punishment.


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Catching up on the news.

As I’m sure you remember mommy spent a month visiting our Aunt Monica and her family. Jessica, one of my sisters was getting married and mommy had to be there for that. My sister Autumn went with her. it seems the pre-wedding activities got out of hand. Autumn and our cousin Tanka got too friendly with each other and now I’m going to be an uncle again. The vet says that she has four babies growing inside her. Autumn is bad enough on her own but four Autumn/Tonka might be more than any doggie can handle.

Today mommy and I helped daddy move the bed over closer to the closet to provide more room on mommy’s side. When we put the bed back together daddy left out the bedframe putting the mattress on the floor so that Autumn can’t get under it.

After mommy went back to sleep I helped daddy build a box to contain Autumn and her babies once they are born. Daddy put a door in it to make it easier for Autumn to get in and out. I hope her babies can’t get out. I’m NOT going to be responsible for them and babysit them all the time like I’m doing for three of my other Nephews. Don’t get me wrong I love my nephews but the thought of four Autumns terrorizing me is enough to give me nightmares.  On the bright side Autumn loves her new box and is sleeping in it instead of taking up half the bed and cuddling with my daddy.

I remember back when Autumn first joined my family. She was a terror on steroids. Always pulling me around by my tail, jumping on me, and hogging daddy. I tried explaining to her that as the older brother she needed to listen to me but she never did and still doesn’t. Autumn is a royal pain in the tail/back.

Mommy tells me that they will be finding homes for all of Autumn’s babies but I know better. Give mommy or daddy a cute little baby and they go googly eyed and start going goo goo, Unable to stop themselves they will cuddly and baby talk until I’ll want to crawl under I feel like throwing up. Autumn’s cuteness still has mommy and daddy wrapped around her tail.  Considering the fact that there are eight cats and three dogs in our family already. Or that when we brought four homeless kittens in until they were old enough to go to a forever home yet five years later they all still live with use. It becomes clear that I will be stuck with four more Autumns each a little terror by themselves and as a group a natural disaster.

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Dog vs. God

They say that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” God is dog reversed so you could say it’s the opposite, therefore cleanliness is about as far away from dogs as you can get. That explains why dogs don’t like baths.

That said some might say that if dog is the opposite of God then we must be the Devil. In fact some religions consider dogs to be dirty or evil. That’s far from the truth. Dogs just like humans and all other animals are neither good nor evil. Some do bad things but at the root we are neither good nor evil. We just are.

Cats were once worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt. They have not forgotten and consider themselves better than the rest of us. Cats expect to be served and taken care of.

Dogs on the other hand know their place and accept their responsibility. We are pack animals and as the great Spook said “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one” (Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan). As dogs we take care of each other putting the packs needs above our own.

My pack is a mixed species pack. One with people, dogs. cats and at times even fish and reptiles, we call it a family. My daddy is the head of the pack, mommy is his partner in some ways her rule outweighs daddy. It is my responsibility to see to the needs of the pack and my daddy. II take care of my daddy helping him with his physical and occupational therapy as well as watching over him all the time.


I love my life.

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I’m not sure what’s happening with my daddy

The morning after we got home daddy woke up early I guess he thought Autumn was still here and had woken us up. He stumbled out of bed and blindly took me for our morning walk. I have a lazy daddy so there is no way he planned on doing this it just happened. Sure enough the next two days daddy SLEPT IN and we didn’t get to go on our walk.

Surprisingly on Saturday my nephew Norlin made daddy take both of us on a walk but not just to the end of the street as we  often do but around the block. Again on Sunday Norlin and his brother Chris made daddy take the three of us on a walk around the block. Sadly, this morning daddy refused to get up and slept in even though I tried screaming at him. Daddy needs to start listening to me I know what’s best for him. During the day I talked with my nephews and the promised to help me get lazy daddy up.

Aunt Linda and my Cousin Bella ran off to Mesquite for the week. It’s her mini getaway. Lucky Bella gets her mother all to herself for the next five days and I don’t have to share my nephews with them It’s party time in the old town this week.

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Daddy’s

So much for just staying a night or two. It seems a lot is going on up here and daddy ended up staying five nights.

It seems my cousin Tonka has a new sister Zoe. She’s just a kid and wants to play all the time with no understanding of the responsibility I have taking care of my daddy. I tried explaining all this to her but it was of no use. As we all know kids don’t listen to their elders.

I was surprised that my two cousins insisted on going with us on our walks. I’m not sure how we all managed to make it around the block but at least daddy got his workout.

After more than a month in dog years daddy got us up early one morning and we headed home. Daddy left without eating breakfast promising mommy that he would grab something when we stopped for gas on the way out of town. Sure enough daddy stopped for gas before we got on the freeway and picked up an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich. After eating three fourths of it daddy gave me the rest. I was excited but my excitement turned to disappointment as it had no flavor.

After a while daddy opened up a bag of beef jerky for us to share. I’ve barked about it before and still can’t understand why daddy steels my treats. You know the old saying ”if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!” Well if it smells like a dog treat and it tastes like a dog treat then it’s a dog treat. As far as I’m concerned Beef Jerky looks like a dog treat, it smells like a dog treat and it tastes like a dog treat. Nevertheless, daddy seems to think it’s Ok for him to eat it all the time. As It is daddy ate half my bag of jerky but at least he gave me as much as he took. Not long after we finished my bag of treats we pulled into Vegas, we were almost home. Traffic wasn’t bad so it took no time at all before the Dodge rolled in front of our house. Home at last and no Autumn to deal with for a few weeks.

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Hall’n down the road

It’s time for another road trip. Today mommy got up when Autumn woke daddy and I, Mommy tends to sleep through Autumn getting us up often mumbling something after we get back and daddy lays back down. Today mommy was up and packing her things and as soon as daddy got home he grabbed some clothing packed his CPAP and started loading up the Dodge.

I already knew that mommy was going up to stay with Aunt Monica to help my sister Jessica with her wedding plans. Daddy plans on us just going up there for a night or two then returning home.

I was surprised at how early we got on the road. Most of the time mommy sleeps in and it takes us forever to get up there. Since the Dodge doesn’t have AC daddy wanted to get through the worst of the trip before it got too hot.

We stopped in Mesquite so daddy could get us breakfast and we could make a much need nature break. Then we continued all the wat to Beaver where daddy stopped for gas and we got another nature break. Can you believe the gas station had signs posted that dogs weren’t allowed on the grass?  You humans need to stop species discrimination, it’s not fair.

Just a few more hours found us at Aunt Monica’s in time for a late lunch. Daddy picked up Fried Chicken and fruit allowing us to enjoy a nice hot lunch followed by a short but much nap.

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Let sleeping dads lie

This morning when Autumn woke daddy up for our walk Daddy asked her haven’t you heard the old saying let sleeping dads lie. I had to admit there was a familiar ring to it but somehow it just didn’t seem right. When we got home I did what any intelligent dog would do I got on-line and looked it up. Seems once again daddy was playing games with the wording.

However, that got me thinking I had already realized that mommy is a cat or more specifically an iCat is my daddy also something other than a person? Once again I put it to a logical test and discovered that my daddy is really a dog. Let’s look at the facts daddy hinted at it this morning.

  • Dogs sleep a lot, daddy sleeps a lot.
  • Dogs like to play fetch daddy plays fetch with me all the time
  • Dogs are loyal daddy is loyal to mommy to a fault
  • Dogs aim to please daddy does everything he can to please mommy
  • Dogs can be trained mommy has daddy wrapped around her finger.
  • The final key was watching daddy roll over and play dead after going back to bed this morning.

I am lucky to have a doggy for a daddy. Now that I understand this daddy’s comment this morning makes perfect sense. Even so I still want my daily walks.



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