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Monthly Archives: February 2013

That Darn Cat

Dein you forget I don’t drool, you your ½ brother and your father are the droolers in the family. Mommy and daddy are always commenting on that. So if cats drool dogs must rule. I’m not stupid enough to think daddy loves me as much as he loves mommy. I know I come in second and … Continue reading »

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Are you saying mom has stuffing for brains?

Tristan maybe you haven’t noticed the way dad cuddles us is the same way he cuddles mom. We just take her place when moms not there. Dad cuddling us like that is saying he loves us as much as mom. You on the other hand sleep at his feet as if he is walking all over you. … Continue reading »

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My daddy asked me last night why I don’t cuddle with him more. The thing is I sleep with him every night and when he takes a nap I cuddle with him on the couch all the time. I think what he really means is why don’t I cuddle with him the way the cats … Continue reading »

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I know I missed posting yesterday. Mommy & Daddy were working outside and Daddy to the iPad with him so he could listen to his music on Pandora while he worked on mommy’s garden beds that arrived yesterday. I discovered can’t open the notebook computer by myself. Daddy has enough problems. I just can’t do … Continue reading »

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CPAP and more

My daddy just washed his funny mask and CPAP machine and hung it up in the bathroom to dry. It needs to air dry and that takes all do so no nap for us today. L My daddy can’t sleep without his mask. At first our cats thought it was scary but now I think it … Continue reading »

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I’m going to be an uncle again.

I just found out that I’m going to be an uncle again. My sister Cassie and her husband Jordan are expecting again. This will be their third. I love my little niece and nephew I just wish they lived closer so they could visit more often. They are fun to play with. Maybe they will … Continue reading »

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Good Morning

We’ve enjoyed a sleepy day my daddy and mommy are just getting up to face the day. I love sleeping in with my daddy.It’s kind of windy outside so I don’t think we will be doing much outside. They had planned to visit my bestest friends people today and BBQ ribs but it got canceled due … Continue reading »

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Dein Again

I thought I could keep him off my site. But as soon as I turned my back he’s on it again. Yes my daddy took me for a walk around the block. We had fun. I wish we could do it more often. I left three gifts for the neighbors which my daddy wrapped up … Continue reading »

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Tristan is an iPad hog.

Tristan has been hogging the iPad to keep me from posting to his blog he even tried to hide it. Dad is taking him for a walk and I found where he hid it. So there. How dare you say my butt stinks at least I clean it unlike a certain dog. We all know … Continue reading »

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My Daddy helped me setup an account on Twitter I am @DoggyTristan. Please follow me on Twitter as I learn how to twit. This whole thing is new to me so please excuse my mistakes.  For those new to my Blog I am Tristan a fun-loving happy-go-lucky Bichon Frise. I live with my Daddy who recently had a … Continue reading »

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