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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Still in the woods

I am not out of the woods yet mommy is still in her cleaning mode, pulling weeds in the garden, cleaning house, I’m sure she plans to clean me before she is done, I need to keep my guard up. I hope this ends soon I am a ball of nerves.

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I made it through yesterday

Well I made it safely through yesterday mommy spend most of the day working in the garden and daddy had several doctor appointments, he spends more time at the Vet then he does with me. Daddy says the Therapist sometimes makes him cry out in pain. I don’t understand why he keeps going back there. … Continue reading »

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Oh I’m in trouble

Oh no I’m in trouble, mommy has that look in her eye. Last Saturday Bella an Sam got groomed. Now mommy is in her cleaning mode and I am afraid that I will be next. Mommy got up early this morning, and scooped out the cat litter, then she moved everything off the floor and … Continue reading »

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The Boot

Meghan’s in trouble again, she got into the green treasure chest in the kitchen again, what daddy calls a trash can. We all know better but Meghan just does what she wants. Daddy said if she does it again he will give her the boot. He seemed mad but I don’t see where giving her … Continue reading »

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Why is cat food better than dog food?

Today my daddy plans to make updates to all of his blogs then work on one of his books. That means he will be on the computer all day so I get to use the iPad today to work on my blog. It also means he will be on the couch most of the day … Continue reading »

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Aunt Judy

My Aunt Judy when home today, I will miss her. She was a lot of fun to play and cuddle with plus she liked to give us treats. She so needs a dog of her own but is afraid something will happen so she is unable to take care of one. I think se needs … Continue reading »

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I’m not the only one

Looks like I’m not the only one who didn’t get to chase the Easter bunny.

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My daddy says Dein is the worlds laziest cat that’s quite a feat since all cats are lazy all they do is eat, sleep, and take care of business. Occasionally they will go insane for a short time then go to sleep again. Dein is so laze he lays down to drink from the water … Continue reading »

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My daddy posted this

Please visit my daddy’s page and support his friend who’s 16-year-oldĀ son was seriously hurt in an accident. Daddy’s friend is a writer, you can help his family by buying one of his books. I saw how stressed daddy was over his medical bills. So any help you can give this man is appreciated, … Continue reading »

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I remember Aunt Judy

I remember Aunt Judy now she’s the one who introduced us to Dingo Goof Balls. I like her. I forgive her for making mommy send me too the groomers. She brought us Dingos again but not my favorite goof balls. Maybe I can convince her to get us some before she leaves.

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