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Monthly Archives: May 2013

My daddy is slow

I have spend the last several months trying to teach my daddy how to play Fitch I thought it came instinctive with his kind. Mommy picked up up quickly but daddy has been really slow. Finally it seems he has gotten it figured out. I think it took mommy explaining things to him. It has … Continue reading »

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Memorial Day

I know I’m just a dog but that doesn’t mean I can’t be thankfully to those who have done so much in order to make my life as good as it is. My daddy is a veteran as are several extended family members. They served this great land and for them I am thankful. But … Continue reading »

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Four kittens all in a row

two years ago my daddy found four kittens living in a pile of trash. Daddy and mommy caught them and offered to give them a home until they were old enough to adopt out. At first they were afraid of us but in time they learned to trust us. Problem is if anyone visits the … Continue reading »

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Tasmanian Yorkies

my daddy has doctor appointments today so we aren’t getting a nap. The thing is even my cousin Bella the Tasmanian Yorkie takes a nap. Daddy needs to get his priorities correct, stop seeing the people vets, and take me to bed for a nice long nap. It’s not fair that I don’t get my … Continue reading »

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my daddy’s been at it again he found this on Facebook. I know just how he feels and wish I was big e ought to do this. I try but my mommy and daddy work together and not only get me into the tub but hold me there. Mommy makes daddy hold me while she … Continue reading »

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The evil mailman

My daddy found this on facebook. daddy says this made him think of us. I’ve been working everyone about the evil mailman for months maybe now you will start listening to me. There is a reason they came up with the term “going postal” this evil comes to your door every day stealing your letters … Continue reading »

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Your browser does not support the video tagme and Tyson enjoying our time together. Lets play.

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Adding a little spice too your life.

When my daddy brought Tyson and Dolly over last week he said Tyson tried to eat the gear shift on his truck. Daddy said Tyson must need more fiber in his diet. Now it’s gotten to the point mommy is afraid to let us outside because Tyson keeps eating her pepper plants. Pepper is a … Continue reading »

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My daddy is strange.

Daddy tends to get tunes stuck in his head often he can’t remember the words so he makes up his own. I never know if its a real song or just my daddy. The other day he was singing about cats in the yard. Today he is singing i just wanting to sell a brate … Continue reading »

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My daddy went to visit his oldest friend today, daddy and Tom have known each other since before the be gaining of time. Tom is my bestest friends daddy, well Tom is being sent to a special vet at a place called UCLA to see if they can figure out what’s is wrong with him. … Continue reading »

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