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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Mommy plays with Daddy’s hose at night

My daddy has something called sleep apnea, I understand the sleep part not sure on the apnea. Before he was Diagnosed he would snore loudly at night and stop breathing while he slept. Now he wares a funny mask at night that connects to a CPAP which forces him to keep breathing. On the plus … Continue reading »

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Evil Mailmen

This Last week we have had a different mailman just about every day, I don’t know what is going on maybe word is starting to get around and they are afraid to come back. Serves them right. there ought to be a law that protects citizens from this great evil. Daddy gave me bad news … Continue reading »

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Home Alone

Gram pay Thurman fell this morning and couldn’t get up. Daddy had to call an ambulance and they took him to the hospital. So mommy took Aunt Linda to work so we would have the car and daddy waited for the paramedics. Now daddy and mommy are both at the hospital with grandpa. So now … Continue reading »

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Computer Hogs

Mommy’s computer isn’t working, she keeps talking about needing to upgrade her windows. I don’t understand this what do windows have to do with her computer working?¬†Yes her computer sits next to the window but the cats seem happy with the window they like to sit there looking out all the time. They think the … Continue reading »

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A dark and scary night.

It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping soundly when out of the darkness came this noise. Not knowing what it was I crawled closer to my daddy so I could protect him. A sudden movement A flash of light reflected off metal. Out of the darkness appears Dein, one of my … Continue reading »

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Books! Big Deal!

Today my daddy said that I should think about putting my posts into a book and getting it published. Why? We have hundreds of books in the house I’ve seen my mommy read them and when she does she forgets about all of us. Why would I want to give her another book? Most of … Continue reading »

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