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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Daddy Doggy Time

Daddy surprised me, he put all us dogs out back so we could take care of business. then when he lets us in he took ¬†me out to the garage I never get to go into the garage, he had my lease waiting and we went out the side door to the car and we … Continue reading »

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Home alone on a Saturday

It is Saturday Aunt Linda is home so it must be. Saturday is the day daddy sleeps all day. So why is daddy and mommy getting up and getting dressed? This can’t be good. I was right it is bad the three of them are leaving us home alone. I’m sure they are going some … Continue reading »

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Oh No!

Earlier today mommy locked us all outside and when daddy let us back in all his hair was gone. I guess mommy groomed Daddy. She just can’t leave well enough alone. Earlier in the week she brushed Angel. I think by the time she was done there was enough left over hair for a whole … Continue reading »

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Daddy says that when he was young he watched a movie called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Daddy says I remind him of sneezy because of the way I sneeze when I want something. I asked about the other six dwarfs so daddy came up with this list. Snow White that’s got to be … Continue reading »

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Daddy gave me some chili the other day it was anything but. I should have realized the name was a lie when daddy cooked it on the stove top. Yes it was warm but after I ate it, it just kept getting hotter. I rushed over to the water dish to cool my mouth but … Continue reading »

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Tristan Home Security & Early Warning System

Always on duty ever vigilant. Mail security our specialty. Today was a bad day the evil mailman came not once, not twice, but three times. First he brought daddy’s insulin. Daddy has to give himself five shots a day. My daddy hates needles I wish the mailman would stop bring him this stuff. Next he … Continue reading »

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Good Bye My Friend and New Food

My bestest¬†friend Tyson and his sister Dolly went home today. I will miss them my home is quitter now that they have left. I guess I’ll have to go back to chewing on my cats. At least my daddy and I can play fetch again. Dolly would grab our toy and run off with it. … Continue reading »

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Poor Tyson

Tyson’s ear has been bothering him, he keeps scratching it. Today we all got locked outside while my mommy and daddy cleaned and treated his ear. We could hear his screams even in the back yard. Tyson says they put him in the dish washer and ran a few cycles. But when we got let … Continue reading »

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Bacon Fries

The speed checker wants to change my breed from Bichon Frise to bacon fries. I told daddy about it and he told mommy now mommy is craving bacon cheese fries. Mommy’s people vet has told her she can’t have any fried food. So it’s been really hard on her. Daddy says he might just break … Continue reading »

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That’s a wrap!

I admit it I have been chewing on my leg. Mommy doesn’t like it. She tried spraying my leg but I just licked it off. So tonight mommy made daddy trap me on the bed and hold me down while she sprayed it again the wrapped it up. So now my lag looks and feels … Continue reading »

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