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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lake mead

My daddy got a new car it’s callers an SUV. I’m not sure what SUV stands for I can’t even guess at it. Daddy says its a four wheel drive of course it is all cars are. They have four wheels and you drive them unlike a motor cycle that has two wheels and you … Continue reading »

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I am so confused!

Why is Tyson here but not his sister Dolly? Daddy says he will be staying here for a few weeks and to think of him as a foster brother. Last time we fostered anyone it was the four kittens that was just until they found a home. Guess what they found a home with us. … Continue reading »

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Best Friends

My daddy says I shouldn’t use the iPad for my posts because of its auto correct but here I am in bed with daddy and I can’t use the computer. A dogs got to do what a dogs got to do. On Sunday I was surprised when my bestest friend in the whole world showed … Continue reading »

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Cats are just BAD!

I caught Dein trying to hack into my blog again. Why is it cats just have to be bad. Scratching up the furniture, Haggy running outside, everyone trying to get in the garage, etc. It seems to be some kind of natural instinct with cats to misbehave. Cats are all about themselves. While we dogs … Continue reading »

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My daddy says he suffers from “foot in mouth” disease. Daddy says sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth. I find this hard to belief. I’ve watched my daddy get dressed. He has enough trouble getting his foot up enough to put his shoes and socks on. There is no way daddy could get … Continue reading »

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