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Monthly Archives: October 2013

MY Mommy is a Cat

Mommy’s name is Kat it sounds just like Cat but is spelled differently. I think it is really I Cat with the I and C ran together to look like a K. Mommy’s name fits her as she is a cat. Like cats mommy sleeps all day and is up at night. Cats clean themselves … Continue reading »

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Daddy Doggy Day!

I have had a busy day today. First I went with daddy and mommy to take Aunt Linda to work. I had to entertain Aunt Linda’s dogs, Bella and Samantha for part of the morning. After a short nap from all my work. I helped daddy with his Physical Therapy by walking him around Uncle … Continue reading »

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One of Those Days!

Today started out good. Daddy took me outside then he sat on the porch while I took care of business. Afterwards I sat at his feet for awhile before we came back inside and had breakfast. Latter daddy took a big heavy chain outside while leaving me alone in the house. After a bit he … Continue reading »

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I maybe Tristan but I am in Trouble.

Oops I made my daddy mad. All I did was go for a walk. Daddy goes for walks without me all the time. So why can’t I go for a walk on my own? Tyson thought it would be OK even Dolly went along with it. So we went Looking for Uncle Tom who has … Continue reading »

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I forgot, Tyson’s cats won’t play with me like mine do. I need to have a talk with Tyson about training his cats. When I tried to play with one he slapped me. At least my cats know how to behave. If they don’t want to play they just jump up where I can’t reach … Continue reading »

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Visiting my Bestest Friend Tyson

I am over at Uncle Tom’s house. Visiting my bestest friend in the whole world. Tyson’s mommy is in the hospital something about surgery to fix a pain in her back which Tyson swears isn’t his fault. With Tyson you never know he can be a pain sometimes but he is still my bestest friend. … Continue reading »

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My Daddy’s Back

I am so lucky my daddy got home yesterday, he brought left overs from lunch which mommy shared with us. Then we went to bed early. This morning I am cuddling on the couch with daddy. Life is great. Mommy is home so I know daddy won’t be leaving again anytime soon. Plus this week … Continue reading »

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Daddy’s cheating on me.

Not only did my daddy leave me home alone. Now he is cheating on me. He is playing with his grand kids. Not with me. He even took them to the park without me. I like parks too but no he doesn’t take me to one. Where does he take me? To a big bath … Continue reading »

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There he goes again!

I knew mommy was coming home this weekend but I assumed she would take the bus, like she did going up there. I was wrong my daddy is planning to leave me home alone so he can drive up there and get her. This just isn’t fair. Daddy was gone last weekend he should stay … Continue reading »

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About Time

My daddy finally made it home my wonderful Aunt Mary was an Angel and drove up to rescue them. I know know what SUV stands for Stupid Useless Vehicle. I can’t understand why daddy was so excited about getting an SUV and 4 wheel Drive all cars have four wheels and you drive them. I’m … Continue reading »

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