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Monthly Archives: January 2014

He caught me…

Daddy caught me taking a nap in one of the pet beds. It wasn’t my fault daddy failed to pick me up so I could sit next to him on the couch. I had been on the couch with my daddy when I heard a noise outside. In fear that the evil mailman was back … Continue reading »

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I’m a Lucky Dog!

Friday morning daddy got up and started cooking right off the bat. He’s making a beef stew for dinner and chicken noodle soup for lunch. Mommy has this thing about chicken noodle soup, she will be happy. Wednesday night daddy cooked steaks out on the grill. There was left over stakes, this morning daddy decided … Continue reading »

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It’s a Dog’s Life

Daddy’s in the kitchen making us French Fries. I guess he won’t mind if I use the computer while he’s cooking. So far this year I’m not 100% on my resolutions I’ve played fetch/keep-away/tug-of-war with daddy almost every day and we’ve con on walks most days. It’s not my fault, I’m doing my best. Daddy … Continue reading »

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I am devastated!

It’s bad enough that last weekend mommy told daddy “dogs are OK but that I prefer cats”. Last night mommy “told me she loves me even though I am a dog.” What is wrong with being a Dog? Dogs are loving sensitive members of the family. Cats are selfish egotistical rodents that only care about … Continue reading »

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