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Monthly Archives: April 2014

My family tree changed!

This morning my niece Angel passed away. I don’t understand death. Daddy say that we won’t see Angel any more but that she will always be with us in our hearts and memories. I remember as a baby even daddy first brought me home I was scared I missed my mother and siblings. I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Family dynamics.

My family tree must be one of the oddest trees around. My mommy and daddy have both been married before and have children from their exes. Between them the have six children plus additional step children that I’ve never met. So I have four human brothers and two human sisters. My brother Benjamin has two … Continue reading »

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When did I become “The Dog”?

This morning I was enjoying a nice morning of sleeping in with my daddy and mommy when I heard them talking about needing to take the dog out. Take the dog out! I have a name or have you forgot on? I use to be Tristan but now I am just the Dog. I think … Continue reading »

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Dien is a Riot.

Dein, my favorite chew toy, is so funny sometimes. Daddy says he must have been a lifeguard in a previous life. He likes to rescue things. If daddy puts meat in the sink to thaw he has to cover it or Dein will rescue it. It makes since sense cats have nine lives he could … Continue reading »

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My daddy’s back

Daddy got home on Monday. He was tired from the drive so after doing a few quick chores we went down for a nap. Daddy got up long enough to make us all dinner then we went back to bed for the night. Because of daddy’s stroke he takes medication to wake him up. Once … Continue reading »

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Dein and the water bowl

I finally managed to capture a video of Dein getting his water dish filled. You would think that they hadn’t had anything to drink in ages. Instead daddy just picked it up to rinse it out and refill it. Both Dein and Sammy cat are all over the water bowl but Dein is the worst. … Continue reading »

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I love this little sofa Aunt Judy bought me, it’s just my size. I can get on it without any help. I don’t even mind that my nephews think it’s theirs I love sitting with them on it.the nicest thing about it is if the put it in front of daddy’s couch I can use … Continue reading »

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