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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Can we take her back?

Mommy worries about me hurting little Autumn the problem is who is going to protect me from her? I’m relaxing on the bed minding my own business with Autumn sitting on mommy. Next thing I know a set of teeth comes flying from out of nowhere and latch onto my throat. I’ve never felt so … Continue reading »

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Sisters are a pain!

First off she bites anyone and everyone she doesn’t care if it hurts she bites again and again. I’m not allowed to growl or snap at her even in self-defense. I love a good chew toy as much as anyone but I’m not a chew toy. Go chew on a cat. Dein likes it. This … Continue reading »

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Autumn is home and more

Friday Autumn is back home with us. Mommy is still having problems getting her to eat properly so is giving her lots of treats. Here we are on a diet and Autumn is being treated to anything and everything just to make sure she eats. Maybe I need to get some low blood sugar. Maybe … Continue reading »

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My sister is Sick!

My poor sister is imprisoned at the cruel vet’s office. She wasn’t feeling well yesterday so daddy and Aunt Linda took her to the vet. Mommy’s been beside herself with worry. They said her blood sugar was down to just 20. Mommy freaks out whenever daddy drops below 100. They put her in the hospital, … Continue reading »

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A new sister

I have a new sister. Mommy went and adopted a little ball of fur. Mommy claims she is a dog but I know better she’s too small to be a dog she must be a hamster. I’ve seen pictures of hamsters on line before and that’s what she looks like. Long hair and the same … Continue reading »

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Poor Samantha

Samantha has to visit the wicked vets office today. There are few things in this world worse than a visit to the vets. Samantha found out last week that she is diabetic. I hear it runs in families her mommy my Aunt Linda is also diabetic. So is my daddy oops. Starting tonight Samantha will … Continue reading »

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A day without power

Where were you when the lights went out? Tomorrow is Aunt Mary’s birthday so today we are all getting together at our house to celebrate. So of course our power went out. Daddy is planning on cooking barbecued steaks for dinner no problem their the bbq doesn’t need electricity but he is also planning on … Continue reading »

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