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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Poor Autumn and here come Christmas.

None of Autumn’s friends came out to bark with her today. I guess she will have to wait until tomorrow for the latest gossip. In all honesty who cares about who chased what cat or what everyone’s people are up to. All I care about is my people and that darn white and black cat … Continue reading »

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The reason for walks.

I’ve come to realize that daddy has no clue why we take him for walks. I just assume that’s because he’s not in his right mind. His stroke affected the right side of his brain so now daddy isn’t mind in his right mind he’s in his left. However this got me thinking what everyone … Continue reading »

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If Global Warming is Man-Made it comes from the Hot Air in Washington.

Last night while daddy was reading the news to me he came across this story. Melting Glaciers Slow Earth’s Rotation: Study what fools you humans are. The story blames global warming for slowing the Earth’s rotation. I tries to compare the melting of the high altitude glaciers and their water returning to sea level to … Continue reading »

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That’s Cheating Daddy

The whole purpose of us getting up early in the morning and braving the ice cold weather is to help in your physical recovery. How can you think that sitting on a nice comfy power wheelchair helps you recover? What do you think the purpose of our walks is? Once again you’re just being lazy … Continue reading »

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