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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Taking an extra walk

This morning as usual Autumn woke us up for our early morning walk at 5:30. After we got home daddy took some things to storage and left us home alone. I was worried so my nephew Norlin offered to take us out looking for my daddy. While we were gone Daddy got home and freaked … Continue reading »

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This Week in the News

Philosophical Question of the week. First you must understand that my pain in the fur brother Dien considers that anytime the food or water dish isn’t overflowing it’s empty and needs to be filled. Today Dien managed to sneak into the garage where he hung out all day. While he was out there, daddy, filled … Continue reading »

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The royal family

Daddy says that every morning he takes the royal family for a walk. Daddy calls me “Sir Whines A lot” though I have no idea why. Autumn is “Her Royal Highness, Queen Ruckus” because she makes a ruckus every morning to get us up. That got me thinking for every Yin there is a Yang … Continue reading »

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Can you believe this? Such humiliation!

My brother and his family are visiting when out of the blue mommy comes along strips me naked then proceeds to punish me with a bath in front of everyone. Making things worse after my forced bath daddy and later mommy had to brush the knots out of my hair. Ow, that hurt. For what … Continue reading »

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