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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Poor Autumn got groomed

We knew it was going to happen momma has been busy cleaning and grooming everything in sight. The other day mommy cornered daddy in the bathroom and took all his hair off. Then she got hold of Autumn, the poor girl. We could hear her screams of terror throughout the house. Worse yet were the … Continue reading »

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This has got to stop!

Again, my sister Autumn got to go with mommy and daddy on a car ride and I got left behind. The went with Aunt Mary to Pioneer Days at Spring Mountain Ranch. Mommy says that Autumn got to go because she behaves herself around strangers. Sure, I bark and act like I want to kill … Continue reading »

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My daddy is so smart.

My cousin Iris snuck out of the house on Saturday so daddy and mommy went to the Animal Foundation to see if she ended up there. On the way home Aunt Linda’s car started overheating. Daddy and mommy had to make several stops on the way home to let the dumb car cool off. Sometimes … Continue reading »

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Help find a lost cat.

  My cousin Iris escaped from the house Saturday night and has not come home yet. My Aunt Linda is very sad and wants her baby back. If anyone sees her give Aunt Linda a call at (702)517-1728

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Today is my Aunt Mary’s birthday

  My family likes to get everyone together for holiday’s birthdays, or whenever they feel like it. Most of the time daddy goes all out cooking big meals that are more than anyone can eat. We were all joined by my Aunt Mary, Aunt Cora, and my Cousin Sherry. Not surprisingly daddy decided to use … Continue reading »

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