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Monthly Archives: February 2018

My daddy and on-line Auctions

Daddy has been shopping on-line a lot he especially likes some of the Auction sites. Everyone knows about eBay but that’s not where daddy likes to go. For years he’s been going to government auction sites Like Public Surplus. He’s bought furniture, electronics, and even toys. Las Week daddy discovered a new local auction site … Continue reading »

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Tristan’s Thinking February 02 2018

Tristan’s Thought of the week To succeed you need to find someone to hold onto, Someone to motivate you, and someone to inspire you. I have my daddy. Tristan’s Misquote of the Week Only a life lived for daddy is a life worthwhile. Tristan’s Song Annie’s Song {It should be called My Daddy’s Song) John … Continue reading »

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Torcher and Bondage

I didn’t know my parents were into this kind of thing. Sure, I would expect it from mommy but never from daddy. Mommy seemed surprised and unsure when daddy brought this evil device into our home but I’m sure it was all for show and really mommy’s idea. I’ve barked before about the evils of … Continue reading »

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