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It’s that time of year again.

The perfect gift for man's best friend Dingo Goof Balls.
Posted by on December 3, 2017
Tristan resting on the couch after working on his blog

Working on my blog takes a lot out of me.

I am sitting on the couch in the living room, all by myself again. Daddy turned on the TV and he’s got Christmas music playing. While, he went into the kitchen to make himself breakfast. What about me is he going to make me breakfast too? I doubt it. Daddy came back in with a fried egg bacon and cheese sandwich. He was nice enough to give me and my brother, little piece of bacon and then let me lick the plate. I think that he should’ve made me my own sandwich.

My Daddy has been watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music a lot lately. It must be that time of year again. Where is Santa Claus comes to visit all the good little boys and girls but ignores us good little doggies? It’s just not fair. What have I ever done to him? Let’s be to be honest if you tried to come here, I’m sure we would all be there barking at him. Of course, at midnight we’re locked in the bedroom where we sleep. If that jolly old man is quiet, he could get down the chimney and none of us would know it.

All I want for Christmas is some doggie chews, less cats in the house, and my daddy to myself. Is that really too much to ask for? Sure, I realize Mommy would never let me have daddy to myself. But one can always dream, wish, and hope.

My Daddy says Christmas should be all about the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. That we shouldn’t really worry about what we get but what we give. It is a time to be more Christ like in give of ourselves and what we have to those we care about and even to strangers on the street. I give barks to the strangers. I meet on the street. Daddy doesn’t seem to be too happy about that. But that’s all I’ve got to give. Is they came close enough, I’d be happy to give them licks? Most of them don’t come close. Daddy says it’s because of my acting like I wanted to tear them limb from limb when all I want is love. Daddy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

On another subject. Daddy has installed Microsoft dictate on his computer. Daddy says this makes it easier because he can just talk to the computer and it will print what he says. Seems to me. Daddy has to do a lot of correcting of it’s printing. I don’t think it listens very well. I gave it a try and apparently it doesn’t understand dog. If I ever run into Bill Gates, I think I’ll have to bark a piece of my mind at him. What right does he and Microsoft have to totally ignore us dogs? After all dogs are man’s best friend. Doesn’t Bill Gates know anything? If I ever make money off my blog. I’m not about to give him any of it. Of course, if I ever make money off my blog I’m buying doggie treats and toys.

The perfect gift for man's best friend Dingo Goof Balls.

The perfect gift for man’s best friend Dingo Goof Balls.

Back to the subject of Christmas. Tristan recommends Dingo Goof Balls for all of your doggie treats this year. If your dog really is your best friend give him being Dingo Goof Balls they will thank you for it.