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A Long Trip to Visit my Bestest Friend in the World.

Taurus the Pest
Posted by on June 18, 2017
Taurus the Pest

Taurus the Pest

It’s been a lifetime since my bestest friend, Tyson, moved away. We’ve only made it up there once and that was years ago. When my sister Autumn had babies my parents promised my Nephew Taurus to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Kris. Taurus is to become Tyson’s new brother. I guess that means my nephew is becoming my cousin does that make him my nephin or my cousew? I like the last option it fits how I fell about my pesty nephews. Sorry Tyson I had doing this do you but am happy to have him gone.

It’s almost a thousand-mile drive from our home in Las Vegas to their home in Oregon. A long hot drive I wish daddy would fix the AC in the truck. Next time I hope we do the trip in winter, I’ve already got my fir coat on and it’s not like I can take it off when we get hot.

This time we did something different. Our Dodge Truck has a cover on the back. Daddy set up an air mattress and each night we camped out in the back of the truck. I like this new way of camping. The one problem we ran into was that daddy got sick and was throwing up on the way there.

My uncle Tom has health problem. His wife, my Aunt Kris, had to go into the hospital for surgery and daddy wanted to be up there just incase he was needed. We spent a week there before heading across country to visit my Aunt Monica in Payson. Daddy dropped mommy and my sister Autumn off and we returned home. Over all I think the trip was over two thousand miles but it was worth the drive seeing my bestest friend dropping of Taurus the pain.

Now with mommy and Autumn gone I get daddy to myself for a few weeks.