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About Tristan

Tristann sitting on the couch next to his daddy

On the couch next to my Daddy

Hi I am Tristan a fun-loving happy-go-lucky Bichon Frise. I live each day to its fullest looking forward to what the next moment brings.

I live with my Daddy and Mommy, my Aunt Linda and a whole house full of playmates. My Aunt Linda has something called Cancer and she has to visit the vet for humans a lot. I feel sorry for here I don’t really like vets.

Aunt Linda is the mother of Samantha another Bichon Frise and Bella a Tasmanian Yorkie. Bella has

Aunt Linda's Samantha


an attitude problem and too much energy. My Dad sometimes calls her whirlpool because she goes into a high-speed spin cycle. Aunt Linda also has two cats, Iris and Patches but the live in her room so I don’t get to play with them.

Angel also loves with us she’s an old lady whose people is away at college so she never gets to see her. In 2014 Angel past away, she is gone but not forgotten.

Angel, my house mate

Angel, my house mate

Mommy’s Daddy also live with us but for the most part he stays in his room with the door closed

Then there are the cats we moved here with three cats, Haggard, Sam, and Dein. Just after moving

Tristan playing with Sammy Cat

Tristan playing with Sammy Cat

here my dad found four homeless kittens and my parents agreed to take care of them until they found a home. Well they found their home with my parents so now I have even more playmates. I love playing with them.

My bestest friend is Tyson we look like we could be brothers he lives across town with his mommy and daddy Kris and Tom, Dolly another dog, and several Cats that don’t like to play with me. We don’t get to see each other very often but when we do we have a blast.

Tristan Playing in the Snow

Tristan Playing in the Snow

I was born in a place called Utah where I use to love playing in the snow then my people move us to Nevada which they tell me means snow-capped but it never snows here. This must be someone’s idea of a sick joke.

I have been told that I have a problem with my hind legs because the knees don’t work had my parents not adopted me I would have been put down. I don’t think I would have liked that I love my life and my family. I really don’t know what they are talking about I don’t know any better so I get around just fine. My Daddy has to lift me up to get on the couch or the bed but Samantha and Angel can’t get on them either so I don’t see the problem. I am getting my Daddy well-trained if he doesn’t pick me up after a couple of minutes of my sitting there looking at him I will sneeze to let him know he’s not doing what I want most of the time he will pick me up within a couple of sneezes.

Now if only I could train my mommy she has this unhealthy thing about baths. Even when I was a little puppy with the new puppy smell she

Tristan getting a bath

Bath time

would bath me, I bet she even washes new cars to get rid of the new car smell. Baths are not the highlight of my day.

My mommy sits in a big chair with wheels on it she almost never walks we have to watch out or she runs over us. More than once I’ve had a tale or paw ran over.

Recently I thought I had lost my daddy. Mommy went up to Utah to visit Angel’s people and daddy went up to bring her home but they never came back. My Aunt Linda Said my daddy had a stroke, but that doesn’t make sense isn’t a stroke just another way of saying a pet, and I like being petted. My daddy was gone for over a month it was the worst time of my life I would sit by the front door waiting for him to come home or in front of the bathroom hoping he was hiding in there. When he finally did come home he had to use a big medal thing mommy calls a walker to help him walk, I thought a walker was the person who took me out for a walk normally my daddy. His left hand doesn’t work anymore so he can’t pet me when I am sitting beside him on the couch he even has trouble picking me up. Now he talks funny. I thought he would never be able to take me for walks again but a nice man in our church fixed mommy’s electric chair so dad can use it to go places. Daddy is getting better mommy has to keep yelling at him because he walks off and leaves his walker behind. He can even take me on short walks now.

Right after daddy came home he and mommy left to go somewhere and I cried my heart out I thought they had left me again and just after the finally came home, but they came back. I hate it when my daddy goes away even just outside cause I never know if he will come back. So far he has but I love my daddy and I hate it when he is away.

Autumn Looking so cute and innocent.

Looking so cute and innocent.

2014 brought a new sister into my life Autumn Wind a Morkie pup that seems to be all teeth. She is mommy’s baby and needs to learn to leave my daddy’s heart strings alone.