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Adding a little spice too your life.

Posted by on May 11, 2013

When my daddy brought Tyson and Dolly over last week he said Tyson tried to eat the gear shift on his truck. Daddy said Tyson must need more fiber in his diet. Now it’s gotten to the point mommy is afraid to let us outside because Tyson keeps eating her pepper plants. Pepper is a spice so Tyson must need more spice in his life. It makes since Tyson’s daddy is in a wheelchair like my mommy so they don’t get to play that much. Also his daddy is into computers just like my daddy he tends to get on the computer and sit there for hours. It is boring when daddy gets on line. On the plus side my daddy use either the iPad or a notebook so he can sit on the couch. That means I get to sit next to him and cuddle. When my daddy is using the notebook he lets me use the iPad. Then I have Aunt Linda who shares her meals with us. So I guess I have a lot more spice in my life than Tyson does. Unlike Tyson, I don’t need to eat mommy’s pepper plants to add a little spice to my life.