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As if I didn’t have enough problems taking care of daddy!

A jigsaw with only the inside completed
Posted by on May 15, 2016

It seems that my daddy is in trouble with the international society of jigsaw puzzle workers. Daddy jokes that they have some cross words for him. Which is really puzzling because daddy can’t spell. Daddy is a creative speller, always creating new ways to spell words.

According to mommy, the problem is daddy does the puzzles wrong. Everyone knows that you’re supposed to start on the outside, completing the edges and then move inward. Not my daddy! Daddy says it’s more of a challenge to start on the inside and work out.

A jigsaw with only the inside completed

Notice daddy has done the inside leaving the outside edges for last

There lies the problem, daddy’s action exposes the other jigsaw puzzle player weak mindedness. Putting it simply he is embarrassing them. I’ve asked him if it would be bad doing it like everyone else but daddy says that would be too easy. The only way he could make it harder would be to do it upside down like the younger son in Drabble does. Microsoft Jigsaw won’t let him turn the pieces over. So much for that idea.

In a house with a million cats and three very active little nephews, daddy is restricted to completing electronic puzzles, or playing pick up and hoping he finds all the pieces. That could make things even harder though. Not as satisfying though if pieces are missing.