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Author Archives: Tristan

Mother Nature we need to have a bark.

This is the third day stop throwing bath at us. Every time we’ve gone out for the last three days you’ve thrown bath in our face. I understand you’re still sad over Aunt Linda’s passing but get a tissue or something. We’re sad too but we’re not crying baths all over everyone. Isn’t it just … Continue reading »

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Aunt Linda

It’s a sad time in our house today. My Aunty Linda passed away. She was a great woman, loved by cats and dogs alike. I could always count on her to pick me up when daddy wasn’t home, to offer a sweet treat, or to scratch my ears. I doubt I’ll be able to finish … Continue reading »

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Tristan’s Thinking January 5, 2018

My plan is to post a weekly thought, quote or misquote as daddy calls them, and my top pick. Daddy doesn’t think I’ll remember to keep this up, I’ll show him. Tristan’s Thought of the Week Give a dog a fish and he will love you for a day. Teach a dog to fish and … Continue reading »

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Grandpa Thurman.

My grandpa Thurman, my mommy’s daddy, got sick the end of last year. He was sick for a week and everyone was afraid that he had had another stroke. His doctor sent him to the hospital where they found out he had just got a bug, infection, and gave him antibiotics. After a week in … Continue reading »

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Have a Save, Sane, and Happy New Year

And a Scary New Year’s Eve it is! With hours yet to go, our neighbors have already started blowing things up. My poor sister, Autumn, is in her hiding spot in the bed’s headboard. Autumn doesn’t do well when the fireworks start. It’s the same come July 4th and any other time people are setting … Continue reading »

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I confess I love oranges they are sweet, juicy, and oh so good. I watch my daddy as he peels them my mouth watering for the sweet treat that is about to come my way. My daddy will break off pieces making sure that the wonderful pulp is exposed and share with me. On the … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Well, once again Santa didn’t come to our house. However, he did visit Aunt Cora and leave stuff there for us. I guess he doesn’t come here because of the cats. Either they are too bad or he is allergic to them. I think it’s because he can’t carry enough coal for the cat’s stocking … Continue reading »

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Why worry about the price of tea in China?

Over my lifetime, I’ve heard a lot of talk about the price of tea in China. What should I care about how much tea cost in China? I don’t live in China, I don’t even drink tea in fact, nobody in my family drinks tea. Since everyone talked about it, tea must be important to … Continue reading »

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Dein still thinks he’s a god.

Poor Dein, the cat, he can’t understand why daddy is so cruel to him. It’s not like we live in the desert, oh wait yes, we do but that’s beside the point. If daddy really loved him, really cared about him, he would never let his water bowl run this dry. The water level must … Continue reading »

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No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.

My thought for the day: Dog spelled backwards is God, Cat spelled backwards is Tac. I would rather sit with God than sit on a Tac(k). Dog’s, are man’s best friend and cats have the crazy cat lady. Any question on who has the better marketing program? Thinking about cats Barking about cats, Dein, my … Continue reading »

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