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Autumn the Early Bird

Posted by on March 22, 2016

As the first golden rays of light infiltrates the night sky announcing the imminent arrival of a new day. My sister Autumn springs into action landing squarely on my daddy she barks, snaps, growls, sneezes, and even licks him in her effort to awaken daddy from the glories world we all know as sleep.

Unable to entice the desired response from daddy, Autumn turns her attention to me! Leaping across the bed she lands on my hip, causing an involuntary snarl and yelp of pain. I am drawn from the sweet world of dreams where I’ve been cuddling on the couch with my daddy crashing back to the reality of cuddling with daddy in bed. Not that reality is bad until you throw in a six-and-a-half-pound sister jumping up and down on a full bladder. Now that’s a reality I would prefer to live without.

Now that she’s awaken me, Autumn turns her attention back on poor daddy. With a determination to wake the dead, she goes full out giving daddy her most pathetic cries and pleas then when that fails she screams and yells at him. All the time virtually unaware that with her jumping up and down on daddy means he can’t move let alone sit up.

Once peeled off of daddy by mommy, Autumn continues her assault of threats, insults, pleas, and political style promises while daddy attempts to get dressed She won’t stop until our lease is on and we are all three walking out the front door. Daddy isn’t even allowed to go potty before our walk which is often cuts them short.

Once our walk is completed, Autumn, goes back to sleep. Leaving daddy and I to do all the work.