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Bacon Fries

Posted by on July 12, 2013

The speed checker wants to change my breed from Bichon Frise to bacon fries. I told daddy about it and he told mommy now mommy is craving bacon cheese fries. Mommy’s people vet has told her she can’t have any fried food. So it’s been really hard on her. Daddy says he might just break down and buy some frozen fries today and make her some anyway.
I like French fries and bacon so that sounds like a good idea. Come to thing about it I like food so just about anything having to do with eating sounds good to me.
Talking about food. Mommy has gotten this strange idea that she needs to pick up our dog food bowls during the day so Angel won’t eat as much. She thinks it will be good for us to starve and only get feed twice a day. The problem is if mommy gets hungry during the day she can help herself to a snack. We’re stuck with only getting food when she wants to feed us. Not only is this not fair but to add salt to out hunger pain. The cats still get their food 24/7. It’s bad enough that cat food is better than dog food. Now they can eat whenever they want and we can’t. It’s a Dog’s life.