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Birthdays and nap time.

Posted by on March 5, 2013
Swveveral of use getting ready for nap time.

Several of use getting ready for nap time.

On my bed waiting for my Daddy to join us for a nap. Haddy is waiting to cuddle with Daddy as soon as he lies down. Dein is mad at his father because he got there first. they always fight over cuddling with daddy.Today is my Aunt Linda’s birthday. Don’t ask me how old she is. Well behaved dogs don’t ask their female people things like that. My people took her to Chilies for lunch. After last night I am surprised my daddy would want to go some place cold. But Aunt Linda says Chilies is her favorite place to eat. Now that we are home daddy says he is tired so we are all on the bed for a short nap.

About a year ago my Aunt Linda set a goal to lose several pounds by her birthday she was going to reward herself by going to see something called Donny and Marie. She said when she was young the family use to go see the Osmonds whenever they came to town. So now she wanted to go see this Donny and Marie thing what the two have in common is beyond me.  However thanks to the Evil Mailman bringing bills caused by her many visits to the people vet for her cancer. She couldn’t afford to go but my parents and two of my Aunts pitched in and bought her a ticket so she could go. She is very excited.

Happy birthday Aunt Linda.