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Camping at Willow Beach.

The big bath at Willow Beach Arizona
Posted by on May 1, 2016
The big bath at Willow Beach Arizona

The big bath at Willow Beach Arizona

We’ve been talking about this for the last week or so. Daddy and mommy are taking my nephews on their first camping trip at mommy’s favorite camp sit. We’ve been to Willow Beach a number of times. In fact, we were there just a couple of months ago.

Daddy spent the morning loading all the camping gear into the truck. Then we all loaded up with my nephew Norlin and me in the truck. Mommy and Autumn went with my brother Ben and my two other nephews in their SUV. I’m glad to report that their SUV behaves itself unlike the one we have.


Today we set up two tents, the big one for my brother and nephews the smaller one for us. Not that the small one is all that small it’s a six-person tent while the big one is an eight-person one.  Daddy says that we have an even smaller two-person one but I’ve never seen us use it.

As normal daddy over packed bringing three small chairs for my nephews, five big ones for all of us plus daddy’s and mommy’s power wheelchairs. Then we have our small camp stove, an even smaller one, the big one and the volcano grill. This time we didn’t bring the portable gas grill. At least we left something at home.

Dinner was hot dogs, toasted marshmallows, chips, and smores. Not that I was allowed any of the smores or marshmallows but the hot dogs cooked over the camp fire were great.

So far daddy has taken us on two walks the first with Norlin helping the second time both Norlin and mommy helped. I’m glad to report that daddy is getting his PT today. According to the walk logger app on daddy’s phone he’s walked over six miles so far today.


We started the day off with breakfast of bacon, fried baloney, scrambled eggs, and hot chocolate. Not that we dogs are allowed hot chocolate or chocolate of any kind daddy tells us that it’s bad for us but I think the truth is it’s too good and they aren’t willing to share it. It must be really good since they will share steak and prime rib with us and I know how good those are.

After breakfast we all walked down to the BIG bathtub daddy calls the Colorado River. On the way down mommy say a large bird flying around overhead and told us that it must be an eagle or a hawk to be that big. When we got to the river my nephews were fooled into thinking it was great fun to play in it but I know better. As William Shakespeare said “a bathtub by any other name is still a bathtub.” OK he was talking about a rose but it’s the same idea.

For lunch we had roast beef sandwiches and chips while sitting next to the BIG bathtub. Nothing spoils your appetite like eating next to a bathtub. After lunch my foolish nephews played in the bath a while longer before we all went back up to the campsite for a much needed nap.

That evening a large bird flew over our camp and Norlin announced it was a flying Beagle. I’m glad beagles don’t fly.

Things were getting stormy and sure enough Mather Nature unleased a storm that night with bath falling from the sky, she even tried to blow out tents down to give us a bath but unlike the first two pigs and the big bad wolf our tents stayed up and we stayed dry. Though Autumn was sacred she would be forced to take a bath and so cuddled with daddy for safety while trembling all night. You’ll notice she cuddled with daddy not mommy because, mommy the one that give us baths,


Bath was still falling when we woke up. Autumn let daddy sleep in never asking for her morning walk. After all we dogs are smart enough to know not to go out in the falling bath.

Daddy sent mommy, Autumn, my brother and my nephews home to safety in my brother’s SUV while I hid in the truck cab and watched daddy take down the camp It stopped raining about the time daddy got everything packed up allowing me a short walk. My own private walk without my pesky sister tagging along.

Even though mean old mother nature throw more bath on us on the way home we made it safely home.