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Camping Day 2

Posted by on March 5, 2014

It is a new and beautiful day here in the campground daddy got up early and took me for a short walk. Then he tried to feed me cold food out of a can. I know better than to eat that stuff.

Daddy made him and mommy breakfast of bacon and hash browns. They dint share. I wish aunt Linda was here.

I helped daddy unpack camping is a lot of work. When mommy got up we took her for a walk. Mommy goes to a room daddy and I an not allowed in so daddy has to stand outside with me. There is another room for daddies but again I’m not allowed to go in they are called restrooms but no one is in there long enough to get any rest. People and the names the give things just don’t make any since.

For lunch daddy is making chicken, it smells yummy, I better get some of that. I’m starting to get hungry it’s been a long time since my cheeseburger yesterday but I’m not hungry enought to eat that stuff daddy put in my bowl. It’s not real dog food, dog food comes from a bag and is hard and crunchy. Daddy didn’t eat any of it so it can’t be any good. Daddy and mommy keep calling it dog food but I know better. Dog food comes in a bag not a can.

Yep daddy share his lunch with me and I was right the chicken tasted as good as it smelled. Mommy is sound asleep so daddy but her share in the ice chest. Maybe I’ll get some of that later.

Mommy slept for several hours more proof that mommy is an iCat, cats sleep most of the day. When mommy woke up she decided to wait for dinner. So much for getting any of her food.

Mommy convince daddy to throw out the junk in my bowl and replace it with real food. She even made daddy use a different bowl because that one stunk.

For dinner they had steak, even though the couldn’t eat it all I didn’t get any. It smelled good. Tomorrow daddy plans to make foil dinners. Dinners made of foil? I thought you cooked with foil not ate it maybe daddy didn’t pack enough real food that might explain the can of junk he tried to feed me earlier. Maybe I need to check my food bowl and insure I have enough to eat. I think I’m OK.

Taking mommy for another walk and it’s off to bed. I’m bet daddy hasn’t taken a nap at all these last two days. I thought we were going to take it easy.