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Camping Day 3

Posted by on March 6, 2014

Day three. Daddy’s up at first light again. He ran of and left me but finally came back and we took a walk. I’m glad daddy is getting his physical therapy in like he is suppose to.for breakfast this morning daddy and mommy had hash browns, their left over steak, and some bacon. Daddy shared some steak and bacon with me. I love my daddy.

After breakfast daddy said we needed to let the dishes cook before he could wash them. So while mommy is sleeping daddy and I are sitting in the two foldable chairs we brought with us. It’s nice up here with no evil mailman to deal with. Noe if daddy would just stay sitting down and resting this could be heaven.

We tried to take a nap it’s just too hot in the tent.  Daddy has his folding chair set up in the shadow of the SUV, I guess it has some uses after all. Mommy finally came out to join us. Then she decided she needed to take a bath. While she was gone daddy put dinner together. I understand now foil dinners are how you cook not what you cook. Daddy but beef, potatoes, corn, and peas wrapped them in foil and put them on the coals.

To my horror while dinner was cooking daddy went up and took a shower. I understand mommy being an iCat needs to wash herself but why does daddy have to go wash himself. Next thing you know they will be washing me.  At least an hour after daddy returned from his shower dinner was ready both mommy and daddy give me some I heard daddy say he will never by stewing meat there again. I don’t see why it seemed perfectly fine to me it even had som bones for me to chew on. Daddy is boiling water so he can wash the dishes. I’ve found a place to hid my bones until tomorrow and am waiting for a walk and bed.