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Can we take her back?

Posted by on September 28, 2014

Mommy worries about me hurting little Autumn the problem is who is going to protect me from her? I’m relaxing on the bed minding my own business with Autumn sitting on mommy. Next thing I know a set of teeth comes flying from out of nowhere and latch onto my throat. I’ve never felt so threatened in my life and mommy worries about me hurting my sister. I was wrong she’s not a hamster, maybe a mini bear. Differently not a hamster.

Making matters worse she can’t sleep through the night. For some reason mommy thinks that if Autumn needs to go out I must need to as well. Two or three times a night I wake up from a sound sleep to find myself being thrown outside. If I need to go out I’ll let you know, otherwise let me sleep.

Who would have thought babies would be such a pain. I never asked for a vicious little sister. Is it too late to take her back and get mommy a stuffed toy instead?

She steals my treats she steals my food. Yesterday daddy gave us all a piece of pork chop. So what happens? The little monster stole mine right out from under my nose. Adding insult to injury I get yelled at if I tell her off. She is a little sneak thief stealing from all of us. If we get distracted for one second she steals whatever we have. Daddy refuses to call the police or to even lock her up. She is allowed to get away with everything.

Nevada needs a stand your ground law. I should not get in trouble when I try to protect my things. I should feel safe while in my own bed. I should not have to look out for flying jaws coming at me from all directions. Maybe I’m the one who needs a kennel so I have someplace safe to relax.