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Can you believe this? Such humiliation!

Tristan tucked in on his couch
Posted by on April 2, 2016

My brother and his family are visiting when out of the blue mommy comes along strips me naked then proceeds to punish me with a bath in front of everyone. Making things worse after my forced bath daddy and later mommy had to brush the knots out of my hair. Ow, that hurt.

For what I went through it was worse for Autumn at least I’m a boy like my nephews but Autumn’s a little lady. Mommy stripped, bathed, and brushed her as well. As for poor Bella, her mommy took her to the groomer’s I’m sure she well tell us all about it when she gets home. No one should be forced to have a bath or get groomed against their will. Samantha, the one who likes grooming, is the only one not affected. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Then again I’ve got three little boys to play with. Daddy’s good for cuddling and walks but little boys are best for playing. Plus, the only time daddy gets my little sofa out is when my nephews are visiting. One of them was kind enough to tuck me in for my nap.

Tristan tucked in on his couch

Tristan tucked in on his couch

The best thing about my nephews visiting is the food. What they don’t want to eat they give to us. We can all use a little extra food in the morning.