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Catching up on the news.

Posted by on October 8, 2016

As I’m sure you remember mommy spent a month visiting our Aunt Monica and her family. Jessica, one of my sisters was getting married and mommy had to be there for that. My sister Autumn went with her. it seems the pre-wedding activities got out of hand. Autumn and our cousin Tanka got too friendly with each other and now I’m going to be an uncle again. The vet says that she has four babies growing inside her. Autumn is bad enough on her own but four Autumn/Tonka might be more than any doggie can handle.

Today mommy and I helped daddy move the bed over closer to the closet to provide more room on mommy’s side. When we put the bed back together daddy left out the bedframe putting the mattress on the floor so that Autumn can’t get under it.

After mommy went back to sleep I helped daddy build a box to contain Autumn and her babies once they are born. Daddy put a door in it to make it easier for Autumn to get in and out. I hope her babies can’t get out. I’m NOT going to be responsible for them and babysit them all the time like I’m doing for three of my other Nephews. Don’t get me wrong I love my nephews but the thought of four Autumns terrorizing me is enough to give me nightmares.  On the bright side Autumn loves her new box and is sleeping in it instead of taking up half the bed and cuddling with my daddy.

I remember back when Autumn first joined my family. She was a terror on steroids. Always pulling me around by my tail, jumping on me, and hogging daddy. I tried explaining to her that as the older brother she needed to listen to me but she never did and still doesn’t. Autumn is a royal pain in the tail/back.

Mommy tells me that they will be finding homes for all of Autumn’s babies but I know better. Give mommy or daddy a cute little baby and they go googly eyed and start going goo goo, Unable to stop themselves they will cuddly and baby talk until I’ll want to crawl under I feel like throwing up. Autumn’s cuteness still has mommy and daddy wrapped around her tail.  Considering the fact that there are eight cats and three dogs in our family already. Or that when we brought four homeless kittens in until they were old enough to go to a forever home yet five years later they all still live with use. It becomes clear that I will be stuck with four more Autumns each a little terror by themselves and as a group a natural disaster.