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Mother Nature we need to have a bark.

This is the third day stop throwing bath at us. Every time we’ve gone out for the last three days you’ve thrown bath in our face. I understand you’re still sad over Aunt Linda’s passing but get a tissue or something. We’re sad too but we’re not crying baths all over everyone. Isn’t it just … Continue reading »

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Can you believe this? Such humiliation!

My brother and his family are visiting when out of the blue mommy comes along strips me naked then proceeds to punish me with a bath in front of everyone. Making things worse after my forced bath daddy and later mommy had to brush the knots out of my hair. Ow, that hurt. For what … Continue reading »

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It’s Raining

3:45 daddy woke up needing to go potty and mommy told him to take us out back. Which lead us to this. It’s raining, it’s pouring Daddy opened the door We looked outside Then ran back to bed We refused to go out And go potty. 5:30 Autumn’s alarm went off daddy, mommy, and I … Continue reading »

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Horror and Humiliation

Today started out great daddy’s alarm woke us all at 5:30. Not his Autumn alarm but the alarm on his phone. Which of course set of Autumn. Once daddy got Autumn off of him he was able to get up and turn off the phone alarm. Autumn however, can’t be turned off. Mommy finally put … Continue reading »

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I Thought I Had it Bad!

Mommy had poor Angel screaming. Daddy even had to go in and help hold her down. It got so bad for Angle that she even wet herself. Mommy not only brushed her she trimmed her hair and cut the hair around her toes. Bella is about ready to go off on mommy but is afraid … Continue reading »

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Oh No!

Earlier today mommy locked us all outside and when daddy let us back in all his hair was gone. I guess mommy groomed Daddy. She just can’t leave well enough alone. Earlier in the week she brushed Angel. I think by the time she was done there was enough left over hair for a whole … Continue reading »

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Poor Tyson

Tyson’s ear has been bothering him, he keeps scratching it. Today we all got locked outside while my mommy and daddy cleaned and treated his ear. We could hear his screams even in the back yard. Tyson says they put him in the dish washer and ran a few cycles. But when we got let … Continue reading »

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my daddy’s been at it again he found this on Facebook. I know just how he feels and wish I was big e ought to do this. I try but my mommy and daddy work together and not only get me into the tub but hold me there. Mommy makes daddy hold me while she … Continue reading »

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Today went from scary to wonderful

I though today was going to be a bad day. Mommy woke us all up vacuuming and shampooing the house. Sometimes when mommy gets in her cleaning mode she stops at nothing even giving me a bath. I even heard mommy talking to daddy about how I need a bath. I’m perfectly fine I don’t … Continue reading »

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My daddy’s not in his right mind

My daddy left his iPad on the couch so I could use it while he took a shower. A shower is just another name for a bath. Why would anyone in their right mind volunteer to take a bath? Daddy’s stroke affected the left side of his body which mommy says means it affected the … Continue reading »

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