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Dogs vs. Cats.

  As we all know “All Dogs go to Heaven” However that’s not the case with humans. Humans need help that’s why God created dogs. We are a reflection of God just look at the spelling of both names. I sure feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs as they are on their own. … Continue reading »

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Help find a lost cat.

  My cousin Iris escaped from the house Saturday night and has not come home yet. My Aunt Linda is very sad and wants her baby back. If anyone sees her give Aunt Linda a call at (702)517-1728

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Dein just wait until morning

Who are you calling a “pesky little flea ball” I’ll have you know that I am of royal birth. My bloodline is pure and strong my pedigree would put any queen or king to shame. You on the other hand, your nothing. Your father was a homeless vagabond that mommy and daddy kindly took into … Continue reading »

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Tristan you are a fool

It’s so easy to open your computer up, I did it all the time when it was dad’s computer. Of course that’s how he got all those cat pictures on his Facebook wall. It just goes to show you how much smarter we cats are than you dogs. Besides even if I couldn’t get the … Continue reading »

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Dien is a Riot.

Dein, my favorite chew toy, is so funny sometimes. Daddy says he must have been a lifeguard in a previous life. He likes to rescue things. If daddy puts meat in the sink to thaw he has to cover it or Dein will rescue it. It makes since sense cats have nine lives he could … Continue reading »

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More Cats!

My poor cousin Meghan. Her mommy, my daddy and our Aunt Linda took off for an hour Saturday and they came back with two new feline brothers for Megan to share her home and mommy with. Poor girl! Now she is going to have to train the pair. They brought them over here to show … Continue reading »

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The reason we don’t have a Christmas Tree

We have a really nice Christmas Tree in Storage in Utah problem is that’s just too far away. Daddy says we could buy a replacement for the price of gas needed to retrieve it, That’s just what daddy did, he ordered a new tree from Amazon and picked up new decorations from Smith’s. Then when … Continue reading »

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I forgot, Tyson’s cats won’t play with me like mine do. I need to have a talk with Tyson about training his cats. When I tried to play with one he slapped me. At least my cats know how to behave. If they don’t want to play they just jump up where I can’t reach … Continue reading »

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Good Bye My Friend and New Food

My bestest friend Tyson and his sister Dolly went home today. I will miss them my home is quitter now that they have left. I guess I’ll have to go back to chewing on my cats. At least my daddy and I can play fetch again. Dolly would grab our toy and run off with it. … Continue reading »

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A dark and scary night.

It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping soundly when out of the darkness came this noise. Not knowing what it was I crawled closer to my daddy so I could protect him. A sudden movement A flash of light reflected off metal. Out of the darkness appears Dein, one of my … Continue reading »

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