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Good Bye My Friend and New Food

My bestest friend Tyson and his sister Dolly went home today. I will miss them my home is quitter now that they have left. I guess I’ll have to go back to chewing on my cats. At least my daddy and I can play fetch again. Dolly would grab our toy and run off with it. … Continue reading »

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A dark and scary night.

It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping soundly when out of the darkness came this noise. Not knowing what it was I crawled closer to my daddy so I could protect him. A sudden movement A flash of light reflected off metal. Out of the darkness appears Dein, one of my … Continue reading »

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Four kittens all in a row

two years ago my daddy found four kittens living in a pile of trash. Daddy and mommy caught them and offered to give them a home until they were old enough to adopt out. At first they were afraid of us but in time they learned to trust us. Problem is if anyone visits the … Continue reading »

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The Boot

Meghan’s in trouble again, she got into the green treasure chest in the kitchen again, what daddy calls a trash can. We all know better but Meghan just does what she wants. Daddy said if she does it again he will give her the boot. He seemed mad but I don’t see where giving her … Continue reading »

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Why is cat food better than dog food?

Today my daddy plans to make updates to all of his blogs then work on one of his books. That means he will be on the computer all day so I get to use the iPad today to work on my blog. It also means he will be on the couch most of the day … Continue reading »

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My daddy says Dein is the worlds laziest cat that’s quite a feat since all cats are lazy all they do is eat, sleep, and take care of business. Occasionally they will go insane for a short time then go to sleep again. Dein is so laze he lays down to drink from the water … Continue reading »

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Today went from scary to wonderful

I though today was going to be a bad day. Mommy woke us all up vacuuming and shampooing the house. Sometimes when mommy gets in her cleaning mode she stops at nothing even giving me a bath. I even heard mommy talking to daddy about how I need a bath. I’m perfectly fine I don’t … Continue reading »

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My bed is infested with cats

I came in for a nap and found my bed infested with cats. They were everywhere. On the bed, on the window seal even on the shelf that goes around the top of the room. We have more than twice as many cats in the house as we have dogs. Something needs to be done! … Continue reading »

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Birthdays and nap time.

On my bed waiting for my Daddy to join us for a nap. Haddy is waiting to cuddle with Daddy as soon as he lies down. Dein is mad at his father because he got there first. they always fight over cuddling with daddy.Today is my Aunt Linda’s birthday. Don’t ask me how old she is. Well behaved … Continue reading »

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That Darn Cat

Dein you forget I don’t drool, you your ½ brother and your father are the droolers in the family. Mommy and daddy are always commenting on that. So if cats drool dogs must rule. I’m not stupid enough to think daddy loves me as much as he loves mommy. I know I come in second and … Continue reading »

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