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Dein still thinks he’s a god.

Poor Dein, the cat, he can’t understand why daddy is so cruel to him. It’s not like we live in the desert, oh wait yes, we do but that’s beside the point. If daddy really loved him, really cared about him, he would never let his water bowl run this dry. The water level must … Continue reading »

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No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.

My thought for the day: Dog spelled backwards is God, Cat spelled backwards is Tac. I would rather sit with God than sit on a Tac(k). Dog’s, are man’s best friend and cats have the crazy cat lady. Any question on who has the better marketing program? Thinking about cats Barking about cats, Dein, my … Continue reading »

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Dogs vs. Cats.

  As we all know “All Dogs go to Heaven” However that’s not the case with humans. Humans need help that’s why God created dogs. We are a reflection of God just look at the spelling of both names. I sure feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs as they are on their own. … Continue reading »

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This Week in the News

Philosophical Question of the week. First you must understand that my pain in the fur brother Dien considers that anytime the food or water dish isn’t overflowing it’s empty and needs to be filled. Today Dien managed to sneak into the garage where he hung out all day. While he was out there, daddy, filled … Continue reading »

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Dein just wait until morning

Who are you calling a “pesky little flea ball” I’ll have you know that I am of royal birth. My bloodline is pure and strong my pedigree would put any queen or king to shame. You on the other hand, your nothing. Your father was a homeless vagabond that mommy and daddy kindly took into … Continue reading »

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My own computer

I barked a couple of months ago about how daddy gave me his old laptop computer when he upgraded to his new Surface 3 Pro. There are those who would growl over getting stuck with hand-me-downs. Not me. I realize how lucky I am to have my own computer none of my cousins have one. … Continue reading »

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Dien is a Riot.

Dein, my favorite chew toy, is so funny sometimes. Daddy says he must have been a lifeguard in a previous life. He likes to rescue things. If daddy puts meat in the sink to thaw he has to cover it or Dein will rescue it. It makes since sense cats have nine lives he could … Continue reading »

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Tristan I have really bad news for you.

First the stockings are not going to the dogs. Think about it there are four people living here. Dad, mom, aunt Linda and grandpa Thurman. If anyone gets stockings it will be them not you. More bad news mom and dad only have enough money to buy gifts for their grand kids none of us … Continue reading »

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A dark and scary night.

It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping soundly when out of the darkness came this noise. Not knowing what it was I crawled closer to my daddy so I could protect him. A sudden movement A flash of light reflected off metal. Out of the darkness appears Dein, one of my … Continue reading »

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The Boot

Meghan’s in trouble again, she got into the green treasure chest in the kitchen again, what daddy calls a trash can. We all know better but Meghan just does what she wants. Daddy said if she does it again he will give her the boot. He seemed mad but I don’t see where giving her … Continue reading »

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