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Evil Mailmen

Saturday mail delivery

Here I am sitting on the couch next to my daddy who is on the computer he left the iPad on the couch so I can update my blog. This morning my daddy told me that the post office is going to stop Saturday mail delivery sometime this summer it can’t happen fast enough for … Continue reading »

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Yesterday my daddy and I spent almost the entire day in bed. Only getting up a few times to take care of business or get something to eat. We even slept through the visit of the evil mailman. Who left pills for Aunt Linda and another nasty bill for Daddy. Grrr. It was nice to … Continue reading »

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I told you the mailman was evil. Didn’t I tell you that? My daddy doesn’t believe me but I know the truth. I watched today as he took a card out of our box and replaced it with bills. My daddy got another bill from when he had his stroke. He keeps getting them and … Continue reading »

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