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Torcher and Bondage

I didn’t know my parents were into this kind of thing. Sure, I would expect it from mommy but never from daddy. Mommy seemed surprised and unsure when daddy brought this evil device into our home but I’m sure it was all for show and really mommy’s idea. I’ve barked before about the evils of … Continue reading »

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

  Grandpa Thurman came home on Tuesday the 16th. He is doing much better than when he was but not as well as he used to be. That said he’s been home a little over a week now and is almost back to his old self. Aunt Judy arrived on Thursday the 18th. She stayed … Continue reading »

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Grandpa Thurman.

My grandpa Thurman, my mommy’s daddy, got sick the end of last year. He was sick for a week and everyone was afraid that he had had another stroke. His doctor sent him to the hospital where they found out he had just got a bug, infection, and gave him antibiotics. After a week in … Continue reading »

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Have a Save, Sane, and Happy New Year

And a Scary New Year’s Eve it is! With hours yet to go, our neighbors have already started blowing things up. My poor sister, Autumn, is in her hiding spot in the bed’s headboard. Autumn doesn’t do well when the fireworks start. It’s the same come July 4th and any other time people are setting … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Well, once again Santa didn’t come to our house. However, he did visit Aunt Cora and leave stuff there for us. I guess he doesn’t come here because of the cats. Either they are too bad or he is allergic to them. I think it’s because he can’t carry enough coal for the cat’s stocking … Continue reading »

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Here comes Thanksgiving 2017

Here comes Thanksgiving again. It has been along hard year with a lot of bad things going on in the world. The shooting in Las Vegas followed up in California. Acts of terror around the world. The B. S. coming out of Washington and the lame (main) stream media. One wonders if there is anything … Continue reading »

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Dogs vs. Cats.

  As we all know “All Dogs go to Heaven” However that’s not the case with humans. Humans need help that’s why God created dogs. We are a reflection of God just look at the spelling of both names. I sure feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs as they are on their own. … Continue reading »

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My daddy is so smart.

My cousin Iris snuck out of the house on Saturday so daddy and mommy went to the Animal Foundation to see if she ended up there. On the way home Aunt Linda’s car started overheating. Daddy and mommy had to make several stops on the way home to let the dumb car cool off. Sometimes … Continue reading »

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Help find a lost cat.

  My cousin Iris escaped from the house Saturday night and has not come home yet. My Aunt Linda is very sad and wants her baby back. If anyone sees her give Aunt Linda a call at (702)517-1728

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Today is my Aunt Mary’s birthday

  My family likes to get everyone together for holiday’s birthdays, or whenever they feel like it. Most of the time daddy goes all out cooking big meals that are more than anyone can eat. We were all joined by my Aunt Mary, Aunt Cora, and my Cousin Sherry. Not surprisingly daddy decided to use … Continue reading »

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