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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there

First and foremost, I want to thank those who give so much in order to ensure our safety, security, health, and freedoms. These men and woman willingly put their lives’ in harm’s way receiving little monitory compensation and often less respect or appreciation. They often are unable to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and … Continue reading »

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My own computer

I barked a couple of months ago about how daddy gave me his old laptop computer when he upgraded to his new Surface 3 Pro. There are those who would growl over getting stuck with hand-me-downs. Not me. I realize how lucky I am to have my own computer none of my cousins have one. … Continue reading »

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It’s Snowing!

Well maybe not here but at least on my web page. I am happy to report that it is cooling down here. We no longer burn our paws when we go out in the back yard and our pee doesn’t evaporate before reaching the ground anymore. I guess I can’t blame daddy for not taking … Continue reading »

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Daddy’ crockpot chili

We had Chili for dinner tonight. Now that I’ve gotten use to the kick, I quite enjoy it. Though I’m still not sure what sadistic person came up with the name. it is so misleading. I thing Atomic Stew would be a better name. Once again my daddy outdid himself and made us a wonderful … Continue reading »

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Daddy gave me some chili the other day it was anything but. I should have realized the name was a lie when daddy cooked it on the stove top. Yes it was warm but after I ate it, it just kept getting hotter. I rushed over to the water dish to cool my mouth but … Continue reading »

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Good Bye My Friend and New Food

My bestest friend Tyson and his sister Dolly went home today. I will miss them my home is quitter now that they have left. I guess I’ll have to go back to chewing on my cats. At least my daddy and I can play fetch again. Dolly would grab our toy and run off with it. … Continue reading »

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Bacon Fries

The speed checker wants to change my breed from Bichon Frise to bacon fries. I told daddy about it and he told mommy now mommy is craving bacon cheese fries. Mommy’s people vet has told her she can’t have any fried food. So it’s been really hard on her. Daddy says he might just break … Continue reading »

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Why is cat food better than dog food?

Today my daddy plans to make updates to all of his blogs then work on one of his books. That means he will be on the computer all day so I get to use the iPad today to work on my blog. It also means he will be on the couch most of the day … Continue reading »

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Peanut butter

Many of my twitter friends have talked about peanut butter and how much they love it. what am I missing out of? my daddy has never given me any. its not that he doesn’t eat it, in fact he is eating a toasted peanut butter sandwich now. But do you think he’ll give me any? … Continue reading »

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Helping in the garden

Mommy was outside pulling weeds. I went out to help until I got yelled. I can’t help it if the asparagus looks just like the weeds mommy was pulling. So now I’m banned from helping mommy in the garden. Not fair all I was doing was trying to help. Daddy said he wished he could … Continue reading »

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