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Helping in the garden

Mommy was outside pulling weeds. I went out to help until I got yelled. I can’t help it if the asparagus looks just like the weeds mommy was pulling. So now I’m banned from helping mommy in the garden. Not fair all I was doing was trying to help. Daddy said he wished he could … Continue reading »

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I know I missed posting yesterday. Mommy & Daddy were working outside and Daddy to the iPad with him so he could listen to his music on Pandora while he worked on mommy’s garden beds that arrived yesterday. I discovered can’t open the notebook computer by myself. Daddy has enough problems. I just can’t do … Continue reading »

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Mommy’s Garden

My daddy is trying to set up a delivery of five yards of dirt for mommy’s garden. I am confused we have a back yard and a front yard that’s only two yards so why are we getting dirt for five yards? What are we going to do with the extra three yards? People talk … Continue reading »

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Tomato Lady

My mommy and daddy went to see the tomato lady today at her test garden. They say it was really nice but we didn’t get to go. Mommy came back with two books and more seeds to plant. I just don’t understand this planting stuff, why is it ok for mommy and daddy to dig in … Continue reading »

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