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It’s a Dog’s Life

Daddy’s in the kitchen making us French Fries. I guess he won’t mind if I use the computer while he’s cooking. So far this year I’m not 100% on my resolutions I’ve played fetch/keep-away/tug-of-war with daddy almost every day and we’ve con on walks most days. It’s not my fault, I’m doing my best. Daddy … Continue reading »

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The Boot

Meghan’s in trouble again, she got into the green treasure chest in the kitchen again, what daddy calls a trash can. We all know better but Meghan just does what she wants. Daddy said if she does it again he will give her the boot. He seemed mad but I don’t see where giving her … Continue reading »

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Still at my bestest friend’s house.

We are still staying with my bestest friend. His daddy seems to be doing well though a little strange in the head. At home my daddy leaves the food dish out 24/7 if we are hungry we eat, except for Meghan who is always hungry but never gains an ounce. Tyson’s daddy seems to think we … Continue reading »

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Good Morning

We’ve enjoyed a sleepy day my daddy and mommy are just getting up to face the day. I love sleeping in with my daddy.It’s kind of windy outside so I don’t think we will be doing much outside. They had planned to visit my bestest friends people today and BBQ ribs but it got canceled due … Continue reading »

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Meghan’s in trouble. Daddy and Mommy and I had gone back to bed and we heard a large crash and breaking glass in the kitchen my daddy goes in to find that Meghan had turned over the treasure chest and dove into the stash of chicken bones inside. So we all got locked out while … Continue reading »

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