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Snow, Glorious Snow!

There’s nothing better than snow on my fur! * * I am a Bichon Frise an allergy neutral breed that has hair not fur however hair just didn’t sound right. I woke up to a wonderful early Christmas gift this morning SNOW! Not quite enough to play in but it is still falling. Autumn’s not … Continue reading »

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OK Daddy! Must I Bark at You Again?

  I’ve barked you before, I am not your foot warmer. I know my belly is warmer than your feet but… Is that why you and mommy make me sleep at the foot of the bed? What a way to thank me for insuring you get your Physical Therapy.   We’ve had our walk and … Continue reading »

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Best Friends

My daddy says I shouldn’t use the iPad for my posts because of its auto correct but here I am in bed with daddy and I can’t use the computer. A dogs got to do what a dogs got to do. On Sunday I was surprised when my bestest friend in the whole world showed … Continue reading »

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Surprise, Surprise!

My Daddy and Mommy went to see my bestest friends people last night. Mommy was going to a concert with Tyson’s mommy and my daddy took several old computers so he and Tyson’s daddy could play. They didn’t get home until the middle of the night but when they did they brought a surprise. Tyson … Continue reading »

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My daddy is slow

I have spend the last several months trying to teach my daddy how to play Fitch I thought it came instinctive with his kind. Mommy picked up up quickly but daddy has been really slow. Finally it seems he has gotten it figured out. I think it took mommy explaining things to him. It has … Continue reading »

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Your browser does not support the video tagme and Tyson enjoying our time together. Lets play.

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Aunt Judy

My Aunt Judy when home today, I will miss her. She was a lot of fun to play and cuddle with plus she liked to give us treats. She so needs a dog of her own but is afraid something will happen so she is unable to take care of one. I think se needs … Continue reading »

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A surprise visit from my bestest friend

My daddy had an appointment with Physical Therapy today at the V. A. Hospital. He came home with a surprise for me. my bestest friend Tyson and his sister Dolly are coming to stay with us for a few days, their daddy is really sick and in the hospital so they are staying with us so … Continue reading »

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Good Morning

We’ve enjoyed a sleepy day my daddy and mommy are just getting up to face the day. I love sleeping in with my daddy.It’s kind of windy outside so I don’t think we will be doing much outside. They had planned to visit my bestest friends people today and BBQ ribs but it got canceled due … Continue reading »

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I just got good news my daddy talked to my bestest friend’s daddy and they are trying to set up a play date for us next weekend. I am excited I can’t wait to see Tyson. We love playing together.I’ll post pictures after he comes and maybe even have him post on my blog.

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