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Come on! Haven’t you heard let sleeping dogs lie.

Posted by on November 24, 2016

Mommy has this nasty habit of getting up in the middle of the night and cleaning. Cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, bathing the carpets, things like that. It’s one of her idiosyncrasies that we just live with. I’ll normally just sleep through it all and pretend it didn’t happen the next day when I get up. However, with my nephews sleeping in the living room she is afraid of waking them up. The house has been safe.

This all backfired on me last night. Mommy woke up and unable to clean the house she set her eyes on the first thing she saw. Yes, you guessed it Mommy attacked me with scissors and a brush ripping my hair out by the roots. Ignoring my screams of pain, she kept going hour after hour until she had a bag full of hair. I bet if today hadn’t been Thanksgiving she would have given me a bath as well. The only think that saved me was the turkey which mommy left to bath in the bathtub overnight. She would have had to throw the poor thing out in order to give me a bath.