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Computer Hogs

Posted by on June 19, 2013

Mommy’s computer isn’t working, she keeps talking about needing to upgrade her windows. I don’t understand this what do windows have to do with her computer working? Yes her computer sits next to the window but the cats seem happy with the window they like to sit there looking out all the time. They think the window is just fine. So I have no clue what’s wrong with mommy’s computer but until it gets fixed she has taken over daddy’s computer so daddy has been hogging the iPad this makes it hard for me to get on and update my blog.

Daddy is happy, he had his last Physical Therapy appointment yesterday, he says it’s a real pain. Some days when he came home he couldn’t move his left arm for days. Daddy still sees Occupational and Speech Therapy, as well as a number of other Doctors. Daddy says the VA hospital has become his home away from home. Last week Daddy and Mommy saw a sleep doctor, can you believe they have a doctor that just deals in sleeping? He told daddy that when  he got stroked it damaged part of the brain that controls the wake/sleep cycle and that daddy never fully wakes up. All I know is daddy sleeps for about nine hours at night the has to take a couple hour nap during the day. Its nice to be able to sleep with my daddy, So I am fine with that the bad thing is we don’t get to go on walks much anymore. which is OK right now it’s too hot  to go on walks, Hopefully daddy will be doing better by fall.

Daddy and his friend Tom were given a whole lot of old computers. Daddy has been trying to fix them up. I don’t see what they see in them, not of then will go on-line so what good are they?

Poor Bella, her people hogs her iPad all the time, she even takes it to work with her. This keeps Bella from being able to update her blog at Tasmanian Yorkie unless she gets up in the middle of the night and steals the iPad while it is charging. Bella was so mad about being groomed that she did just that this last weekend. Check  out her site and let her know how sorry you feel for her. No one should be groomed against their will.

Get your person to go out and buy you some Goof Balls you will love them, I promise, I sure do. Thanks Aunt Judy for introducing us to the,