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CPAP and more

Posted by on February 25, 2013
Solo Napping

Solo Napping

My daddy just washed his funny mask and CPAP machine and hung it up in the bathroom to dry. It needs to air dry and that takes all do so no nap for us today. L My daddy can’t sleep without his mask. At first our cats thought it was scary but now I think it looks funny. Daddy use to stop breathing at night which scared mommy I understand daddy had surgery for this before I joined the family it made things better but didn’t fix it. Then daddy took two other sleep tests and failed them both so they gave him a CPAP machine he has to use whenever he sleeps it forces him to breath. Now he sleeps a lot better and mommy is happy. Daddy doesn’t even snore anymore but mommy and our cats still do.  Maybe they all need CPAP machines. I don’t snore so I must be fine.Daddy has something called Pandora on hid iPad it plays music. One of the groups daddy played for me was called Three Dog Night, I expected to hear three dogs howling at the moon, put it was people singing. And when daddy played Styx it didn’t sound anything like sticks. Why do they use names that are misleading? Right now the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is playing but no one is crying.  When daddy showed me a picture of the Beetles they didn’t look anything like bugs. Then again Angel is my sister Jessica’s baby I guess that makes her my niece even though she is much older than I am an not even close to being a baby. English is confusing no wonder most dogs don’t try to learn it.

My mommy is talking to Jessica on the phone right now. Jessica is a human like my mommy and daddy they tell me I’m adopted but I know they love me best after all they send Jessica away to college while I get to stay home with mommy and daddy. I’m glad they didn’t send me away. They even gave my other sister Cassie away to her Husband Jordan but they kept me so they must love me best.

It was windy the last few days the boards in front of the lower part of our kitchen window blow down so we could see everyone who went by. This morning daddy put them back up he doesn’t like us barking at everyone now we can’t tell when someone walks by. We can’t warn them that this is our house and they need to stay away. We do love visitors but they need to know it’s our house not theirs. Most of the time we get locked out back when we have visitors they don’t get to play with us, that seems so unfair. Pets are good for your health. Daddy and mommy are about to go work on something in the garage so I guess I’ll just take a nap by myself.