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Daddy did it again!

Posted by on July 24, 2017

Mommy and my sister Autumn have been up with my Aunt Monica in Payson Utah for the last few weeks. On Thursday after several days of hard work, daddy and I hopped into the truck and took off for points unknown. At first, I though that we were just going up to get mommy as we went through Mesquite and Cedar City. That’s where things changed instead of getting back on the freeway daddy went through town and turned up into the mountains. We went up and up and up. The road turned this way and that way I kept expecting to come around the next turn and see ourselves. After an hour daddy pulled into a large campground sitting next to a big bathtub. Aside from the big bathtub it was a beautiful campground. Daddy called it Navajo Lake and said that he came up her with his parents when he was a little kid. Daddy left me in the truck while he got started putting up the camp. I took hours but in time daddy had everything set up and I was able to get out and starch my legs. After dinner, Mother nature throw a bath at us but we were able to go inside and stay dry. It got cold that night so I was hoping to wake up to snow but no such luck.

The next morning, we were on the road again leaving our campsite all set up. We drove back down to Cider City, hopped on the freeway and drove up to get mommy before returning to our campsite. Of course, Mother Nature throw another bath at us, in fact every night we were there she throw baths at us.

By Sunday night daddy wasn’t looking very good. Every time he got up he throw up. Daddy couldn’t even keep water down. Yet somehow supper daddy was still able to make wonderful meals for us. Over the next couple of days daddy kept getting worse. There is a saying the lights are on but nobody’s home. That’s the way daddy was by Tuesday morning. Mommy was worried and had the camp host call an ambulance.

The ambulance showed up and took daddy down by the big bathtub. I thought they were going to wash him but no they waited there for a helicopter to arrive which took my daddy away. Now we had a real problem not only was daddy sick but we were stuck on the mountain mommy can’t drive the truck so we had no way to get anywhere. Worse the cell phones didn’t work so mommy couldn’t call anyone.

Thankfully a nice lady staying near us drove down the mountain and called my sister Cassie to come rescue everyone. Cassie and her husband, Jordan, arrived that afternoon, they packed up everything into the truck, and then took us down to their place and took mommy to visit daddy at the hospital.

Turns out that because daddy was throwing everything up he became dehydrated and his kidney’s failed causing his system to become toxic. Daddy spent five days in the hospital before he was well enough to join us. Then we spent a couple of days with Cassie’s family until daddy was well enough to drive the truck home. I’ve got a new rule daddy isn’t allowed to get sick anymore.