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Daddy got a new toy.

Our Firs Sous Vide Dinner
Posted by on August 19, 2017
Our Firs Sous Vide Dinner

Our First Sous Vide Dinner


I think everyone knows my daddy loves to cook and I love eating what he cooks. People foolishly don’t value the opinion of us dogs but I’m not the only one who thinks daddy is a good cook. Everyone tells him that he is. In fact, he’s been told he should open a restaurant. As far as I’m concerned daddy just needs to keep cooking for us.

A few days ago, daddy saw a post on Facebook about a new method of cooking and has been excited to try it. However, in order to try it daddy needed to buy a new toy. As soon as daddy got paid he ordered it and waited excitedly for the UPS guy to arrive with it. As soon as it arrived daddy set it up loaded a roast into it and turned it on.

This new way of cooking is called Sous Vide and involves putting the food in a plastic bag sucking all the air out then sealing it. The bag with the food in it is then put in a hot water bath and left for hours to cook.

Everyone knows my feelings about baths but it turns out that if you cook in a bath the food not only tastes good but turns out supper tender. Daddy made a big roast, roasted potatoes, gravy and peas for dinner. Daddy plans to use his new toy often and even before we finished eating our dinner he had already started some Pork Country Ribs for tomorrow night. When it comes to food, I’m happy to help eat anything he makes, I just wish daddy could cook will I’m sitting beside him.