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Daddy’s Workshop

Posted by on October 28, 2017

For the last several days daddy has been talking about how once it cools down he needs to clean out the garage, set up mommy’s computer in one corner and convert about half the garage to his work shop. Currently the power wheelchairs are stored in the garage to protect them from the cats. I’ve informed him that he will need to keep the chairs out there so I have a place to sit while watching to insure he doesn’t cut off any fingers. Daddy has a ton of tools including table saws, jigsaws, hand saws and just about everything one needs to cut off body parts. As it is he only has one good hand if he loses any fingers on the other hand he won’t be able to relax by petting me.

My daddy’s and old school computer tech. he loves fixing them and has several ancient computer systems. He likes to try and work on the cars. TRY being the optimum word. Recently he’s gotten braver and made a bed for my sister when she had her pups. Daddy has plans to do a lot of DIY projects starting with a solar hot water heater, a solar oven, and a solar dehydrator. I guess living here in the heat where the sun shines he should find a way to make it useful. If only daddy could find a way to get the sun to help cool the house instead of heating it.

Daddy has also been looking to get some shipping containers He plans to use one for storage, the storage the building next to the house leaks. Long term he wants to turn one into a workshop set up with solar power, there we go with the sun again, to run everything. If he does daddy had better include a place for me to sit. Daddy also wants a small one or better yet a enclosed trailer to store all our camping and emergency supplies. Something he could just hook up and take off with whenever he wants to get away.

I don’t know where daddy plans on putting all these things. We already have four cars, and three trailers granted two of the trailers are small and don’t take up much room but as it is daddy has to keep either two cars or one car and the big trailer parked on the street in front of our house. Maybe if daddy tears down the building on the side of the house he could put everything there. Daddy just doesn’t think ahead.