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Dein just wait until morning

Posted by on June 18, 2015

Who are you calling a “pesky little flea ball” I’ll have you know that I am of royal birth. My bloodline is pure and strong my pedigree would put any queen or king to shame.

You on the other hand, your nothing. Your father was a homeless vagabond that mommy and daddy kindly took into their home. They even had to bottle feed him at first. Haggy has no idea who his parents are. How did he thank them for their kindness? By not only getting you mother pregnant but your older sister as well. He refuses to stay in the house where you cats belong As for you all you do all day is lay around complaining because the water bowl needs another drop of water or your food dish has room for one piece. You are nothing but a scam artist and a bad one at that.

Don’t you ever call me a “pesky little flea ball” again or I’ll make you pay. From now on just call me your highness and bow whenever I am around. You worthless son of a two timing low down fur ball.

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