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Dein still thinks he’s a god.

Lazy Dein
Posted by on December 14, 2017

Poor Dein, the cat, he can’t understand why daddy is so cruel to him. It’s not like we live in the desert, oh wait yes, we do but that’s beside the point. If daddy really loved him, really cared about him, he would never let his water bowl run this dry. The water level must be at least 1/8th an inch below the top of the bowl that’s a good ounce that is missing out of it. As dry as it is, Dein’s water bowl might of well be a dust bowl.

Lazy Dein

The world’s laziest cat!

That of course was last night. This morning while daddy was making pizza for everyone Dien discovered that his water dish was now almost a full glass low. I could hear Dein’s cries even though I was still in the bedroom with Mommy. I’m sure it woke the people in china leaving the fearful that the end was near. Daddy must have been afraid that someone would call the cops or report him to the SPCA, as he filled Dein’s bowl allowing the rest of us freedom to think. As for me, my ears are still ringing. The thing is Dein’s water bowl holds more than a gallon of water plus there is another water bowl in our bedroom that holds about half a gallon of water and a third smaller one in Aunt Linda’s bedroom. Add to that the two porcelain ones in the torture chambers AKA bathrooms and there is plenty of water to drink.

Dein has the same problem with his food dish, the cat’s have three of the strategically placed so we dogs can’t get at the better food. Cats are given better food than us to make up for the fact that they have no real value other than being chew toys. If Dein’s main food bowl isn’t so full that cat food is falling off the sides, then it’s empty and he can’t eat from it. I recall one time that daddy poured what was left in a bag of cat food into his bowl and though it was over the top it didn’t over flow. Dein stood their crying until daddy broke down and opened a new bag so he could over full the bowl. The Egyptians once treated cats like gods, Dein still expects to be treated that way. I can only assum that one of his nine lives was in ancient Egypt.