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Do You Need Honey With Your Butter or Just Plain Butter?

Image of Honey Butter and Butter
Posted by on November 23, 2017
Tristan steeling a nap in Tonka's bed

Here I am steeling a nap in Tonka’s bed

My Daddy tells me that when he was little he wanted to be a school teacher. You see, there was a teacher in his life a math teacher in fifth grade that made a difference. The man whose name he can’t remember yet he will never forget him. Over the years. Daddy has taught hundreds of classes computer classes. CPR first aid classes. Classes at church. Emergency preparedness classes, this class and that class and many more classes. About the time Daddy adopted me. He decided to go back to college and finish his degree this time at education to become a teacher. Sadly, his stroke and that.

Daddy once had a friend that said “those who can do those who can’t teach”. Daddy disagrees with that. Daddy feels the best teachers of those who love what they do and wish to share that joy with others. They could do but they choose to teach.

Image of Honey Butter and Butter

Honey Butter or Butter

Daddy says there any good teacher or speaker must butter up the audience for their class. Some teachers feel they must add honey to what they teach something to make it more desirable. The best teachers don’t need the honey. They don’t need to Sweeten it. Because the subject itself is sweet it is love. Knowledge is love and understanding.

That said Daddy has made rolls for dinner and he has put out honey butter and regular butter. Butter for Daddy and Honey Buddy for the members of the family that are visiting that want something sweet. Personally, I feel that daddy puts the same love into his cooking as he does his teaching therefore, there is no need to sweeten anything.