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Dog Training

Posted by on February 22, 2015

Mommy got a book on dog training she was reading it to us last night. There is a lot of things that daddy has been letting us do that he’s not supposed to do. We all know that mommy not daddy is the Alpha around the house. Daddy does everything he can to make mommy happy. Which means the rest of us are in trouble. The Alpha is supposed to sleep on higher ground then the rest of the pack. We’ve all been sleeping on the bed. I guess that means either mommy will get a higher bed than we have or she will force everyone to sleep on mats on the floor. Daddy has enough trouble getting up off the bed I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be for him getting up off the floor.

Mommy also talked about shock collars and spiked collars for training. I’ve heard of this type of thing in the middle ages but I thought that kind of torture was outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Then again mommy being an iCat we all know how dogs rate in her book. Laws don’t matter here. I’ve even tried barking to my congressman but Washington is as dysfunctional as our home. On the bright side Daddy is going to look funny wearing a collar maybe they have one disguised as a tie. Daddy wears one of those on Sundays.

Mommy watched several dog training videos as well. One talked about getting us use to an invisible lease. Mommy should be an expert with that. She’s had daddy on one my whole life. There was also talk about separation anxiety. I can’t help it if I love my daddy and get stressed out whenever he goes away. Let’s face it, he’s had a stroke and been in two auto accidents because I wasn’t there to protect him. Nothing bad like that happens when I’m around. Clearly he needs me to be there to watch over and protect him.